Hotel in Dreams

Dreaming of a hotel represents the many luxuries in life where you get what you want as service and accommodations. Everyone at the hotel greets you with a smile rather than the inattentive hellos at the office. The hotel is also where your privacy is of the utmost importance to you and the staff.

Kid in Dreams

A kid goat in your dreams denote infidelities. You are quite aware of your adulterous nature and have been making headway into righting yourself without hurting those close to you too much. Heed the kid goat of your dreams as a warning of an unfortunate future as others around you continue to find out about your dealings of sneaking around.

Blinds in Dreams

Dreaming of blinds mean there are things in your life that you don’t want anyone to know about. Whatever happens, you want to keep this part of your life private and away from prying eyes. Until you are ready to reveal the mystery, it is okay to keep it to yourself unless it brings on harm to yourself or those indirectly involved.

Walrus in Dreams

When you dream of a walrus, you are content with being top dog and dominating over situations and relationships. There will be people close to you that hate you for the hoarding of power and position. However, you will continue to put them in their place with your overwhelming strength and power that comes with your fortuitous wealth.

In relationships, you prefer to date anyone you please and not held to the same standards of seeing only one person at a time.