Tsunami in Dreams

Dreaming of a tsunami means that there are destructive forces developing around you that will eventually leave you devastated. You may be aware of the incidents or events leading up to the build up of the tsunami waves that will lead you to being displaced from careers, relationships, and business ventures regardless of how strong your foundations may have been.

The only solution is the lead nature take its course. Try your best to avoid being the center of attention, or else the tsunami can have a direct impact in your waking hours.

Wax Museum in Dreams

Full of inhumane figurines, a wax museum is used to preserve the legacy of famous people throughout the world. Although these are grand figurines of prominent people, they are wax figures after all, void of human life. Thus, to dream that you are at a wax museum may insinuate that you are not taking human relationships with utmost respect and loving. This can potentially mean that you may have been treating some people unfairly during your wake self. Although it may sound negative, this may be a blessing in disguise. This dream may help warn you to evaluate your relationship with others, eventually leading to improvement.

Seeing yourself at a wax museum may also be interpreted as you are feeling alone and far from human life. You feel like there is a lack of human compassion and loving as you are surrounded by impenetrable wax figures.

Albatross in Dreams

Dreaming of an albatross means freedom in the open seas. You dread every being land locked in your cubicle station, and finishing work assigned by your supervisors. Plan a vacation and take to the open seas with a cruise. Explore new tropical locations without the responsibilities of pushing paper around your desk.

Aura in Dreams

Dreaming of an aura means you are seeking meaning from your surroundings, and yet it remains hidden from you. The aura may be consistent at one location with faint levels of intensity. Try revisiting the locations where you sensed the aura in your dreams, and see if a message will appear before you. Be patient as you wait for the message because the aura can become stronger given time.