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Backgammon in Dreams

Dreaming of backgammon means you are experiencing the ups and downs of life. Regardless of how you set your goals, the path you take will be uncertain and preceded by a roll of backgammon dice. When you come upon opportunities, take it because these chances will occur infrequently. Also, be aware that your antagonist is trying their best to slow you down from succeeding.

Cow in Dreams

A cow is both docile and productive. A dream of cows indicate great prosperity in all ventures. It is best also to keep a close eye on your own affairs carefully. Cows promise abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires of those who dream about them.

Barefoot in Dreams

Dreaming of being barefoot means you are facing some financial difficulties that may lead you to lose everything including your shirt and shoes. It is a reminder that life ahead will be tough if you are not able overcome the obstacles and challenges in front of you. Now is the time to seriously examine your options closely, and start to make smarter life choices.

Accent in Dreams

Dreaming of an accent means you appreciate the uniqueness your voice brings to monotony of everyone sounding the same. The accent is developed through years of living in a region other than where you are residing currently. The spoken accent is accepted as sophistication and air of authority amoung your peers.

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