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Dreaming of a loved one in someone’s arms mean you may be losing them and they have taken up the comfort with a new person. They are probably having an affair or cheating behind your back. It is your responsibility to get the bottom of the cause, as it is not necessarily anyone’s fault but your own.

Move on as nothing you do will salvage the relationship.

Alone in Dreams

Dreaming of being alone means you fear the lack of companionship and someone to talk with. This is perfectly normal because humans are social animals that live to gain the approval of others, but most important of all is accepting who you are. Make the necessary changes towards bettering yourself, and you will once again attract strangers to become friends.

Aim to make your funeral standing room only.

Islam in Dreams

Dreaming of Islam means you are deep in spirituality. You hold dear in your heart the words of great prophets. Your goal is to treat all your brethren as equals where all fruits of labor are shared for the common good.

Continue with the daily prayers to further ascend in your studies and devotion.

*** Contrary to what others may think. Discussing bad dreams is the same as discussing good dreams, because both processes help free our minds from weighted thoughts allowing everyone to get on with their lives. Don’t allow anyone or anything to lock up your mind and soul due to ignorance.

Bathroom in Dreams

Dreaming of a bathroom indicates a need for emotional release. You feel safe and secure in one of the most private rooms in the house or public, where you get reassurances that no one is watching. The bathroom in your dreams contains your private thoughts and emotions. The sooner you express these to someone else rather than keeping them to yourself, the sooner you will surface out of the emotional ordeal.

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