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Luggage in Dreams

Luggage in dreams shows a change that you are going through. When you normally use luggage, you are traveling some where and your luggage is holding things that belong to you. These various items include clothes, objects, and various materials that hold the value of who you are. In your dream you are leaving to go somewhere which means you’re at a point in your life where you’re going through a change but you still want to keep old aspects of yourself which is represented by the luggage. You’re pulling bits and pieces of your life with you as you move on into the new, this can be a change as in marriage, moving, new friends, new style, new life, or just an overall change in how you live.

Orangutan in Dreams

Dreaming of orangutans indicate that you have a fear of someone using your name and association to further their own motives. It is important to confront this person about dragging your name through the mud. Reclaiming your reputation will not be easy.

Afraid of Little Child in Dreams

When you dream of being afraid of a little child running towards you, it represents you are scared of becoming a parent. This anxiety can be an onset caused by having discussions about starting a family with your spouse. In your waking hours, it is important to discuss your fears and talk it over as the dream will become better where you will not be afraid of little girls or boys.

Someone in Dreams

Dreaming of someone you don’t recognize can be a clue to someone you are about to meet. Depending on what you did together in the dream, pieces of the puzzle will come together. It could be a person that you find yourself falling in love with, or a new friend outside the circle of friends that you have thought long and hard of abandoning.

On the negative side, it could be a stalker you are unaware of but have seen before and now are subconsciously recalling seeing them from a distance multiple times.

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