Between in Dreams

Dreaming of between means you are wavering on indecision. You have a fear committing to decisions that in turn hurts your true potential for wealth and fortune. If these ideas of negativity are coming from people who do not believe 100% in what you do, drop them from your contacts and don’t waste any more energy with them to refocus everything on yourself.

Bacon in Dreams

Dreaming of bacon means you are enjoying the fruits of your labor. Bacon also denotes a happy family life where no one under your roof ever goes to bed hungry. The smell of bacon is the smell of victory for a job well done. Simply go and enjoy the day if you had dreamed about bacon last night.

Driving in Dream

When you are driving in a dream, it could signify you are running away from your problems or going towards a goal. More often than not, dreamers are driving towards a goal to attain wealth and fortune, or the desire to meet up with someone.

Dreams about driving is the act of follow through in your waking life because driving is such an important aspect of getting tasks done.

Art Gallery in Dreams

Dreaming of an art gallery means you are currently seeking inspiration to overcome life’s obstacles. Being in the art gallery, you are surrounded by perfection, the final creation from an artist. It can make you happy with a heighten sense of connectedness to tackle obstacles and difficulties.

If you are buying art pieces from the art gallery in the dream, then you are preparing and gathering resources to better yourself. The added extrinsic value of the dream is representative of you building intrinsic self worth in the waking hours.