Stallion in Dreams

Stallions are strong creatures. When a stallion appears in your dream, it signifies the power and strength within you. Being able to harvest these attributes will take you far in business and relationships. In addition, there will be individual who realize your strengths and help push you towards your goals.

Lamb in Dreams

A dream involving lambs often precludes a sacrifice. Through the sacrifice of pleasure or the attainment of material objects, the dreamer will be bestow with means of prosperity. Another dream meaning is that sacrifices strengthen friendships.

Sex with Best Friend in Dreams

Dreaming about having sex with your best friend even if you have never been intimate with them before indicates that you want to be closer to them, with the possibility of even becoming boyfriend or girlfriends. It may be a confusing situation, where the dream is telling you to get closer to them (it does not mean you need to act it out sexually).

Cattle in Dreams

Dreaming of cattle is an indication of your zen like approach to life. Nothing ever phases you whether the task on hand is either big or small. You tackle them with the same level of intensity regardless because only success and completion matters.

The cattle approach to life has taken you far, however to reach the next level of your life’s success, this complacency dream has to change and take a back seat.