Abbey in Dreams

Dreaming of an abbey signifies your strong belief in finding peace through spirituality. However tough the obstacles or challenges that you encounter, you are always able to reach deep into your soul and find strength to meet the challenges head on. In addition, the abbey of your dreams provide for a place to purify your thoughts with blessings of new hope.

Bonsai Tree in Dreams

Dreaming of a bonsai tree means your career has reached a cap and will be advancing slowly at best. It is time for some drastic changes such as leaving your secure job for something completely different. However, if you are okay with where you are at, then simply stay on to reap its rewards after a long grind for minimal gains.

Butterflies in Dream

Everything about butterflies are related to beauty and grace. These butterfly dreams are often tranquil in an open field, and the dreamer wakes up full of energy. They are an indication of prosperity and fair attainments to come for the host of the dream.

Mumbai in Dreams

Dreaming of Mumbai is a representation of the greatness this city has achieved through technological and economic advancements where international commerce transacts everyday. And where Bollywood ideas are dreamed about, and brought to life.

It is also a dream of sadness for the horrors inflicted on Mumbai’s civilians and innocent where militants take the city hostage. The fear of everything turned upside down due to lawlessness and threats keep us sleepless at night.