Cheating Partner in Dream

If you catch your partner cheating in a dream, it can mean one of several things. Maybe your mind or physical being has seen your partner and caught them in an act, but is suppressing it, for the sake of not upsetting yourself. This is very common because people usually try to repress memories in hope that if your mind doesn’t allow it to exist, you really will believe that it doesn’t exist.

It can also represent the lack of trust you have in your partner. Maybe you’re afraid that they will, or that they are cheating so your mind creates a scenario where you can satisfy your accusations and satisfy your lack of trust in your partner.

Another possibility may be that you’re in a bad relationship, and you’re looking for a way to get out of it, your looking for a reason or a tangible accusation for you to get out of a relationship.

Either way, it’s only a dream, and if your partner didn’t cheat on you in the “real world’ then it shouldn’t be of much concern, but the idea of a cheating partner should raise the question of how you view your relationship with them.

Hairpiece in Dreams

Hairpiece in dreams represents the way you’re currently feeling about yourself. If you’re wearing a hairpiece, there is connections to feeling lost and uncomfortable with the way you are. You probably feel like you’re losing a part of you and that you need to change and cover up who you really are. This can have relations close to being afraid of aging and losing your hair, or fear related to the physical appearance of having no hair. Hair is only a part of you, it doesn’t make you any better or worse, focus on what you’re covering up emotionally with the hairpiece and find a way to overcome it.

Academy in Dreams

Dreaming of an academy means you are in the process of making connections and relationships with people who share the same interest as you. Attending an academy signifies your longing to expand learning through the introduction into various schools of networking and professionals. Tend to these newly forged relationships and you will exceed in careers and financial independence.

Above in Dreams

Dreaming of something above means that tangible things are currently out of reach, and the dream is telling you to aim higher or rise above to be able to grab the things that are currently hovering above you. Goal setting is the above dream’s message. Set them high and reach for it.

Axle in Dreams

Dreaming of an axle means you want to be the center of attention and grab all the spotlight. The world revolves around you. At the same time, the world is your oyster. Start to take control of your life and situations to reap the greatest benefits available to you. Remember, you are now in control of your own destiny.