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Arthritis in Dreams

Dreaming of arthritis means something is impeding your achievements. Whether it business deals, careers, or relationships – everything takes a turn for the worst and slows down. Whatever is happening will likely become excuses for you to give up because it is hurting you emotionally or physically, and causing plenty of frustration in the process as you are not able to accomplish what you want.

Earth in Dreams

Dreaming of earth means you are heavily attached the ideals of saving and preserving nature from the byproducts of the human race. You value the earth as the giver of life, and will do all you can to leave it as you found it for future generations to enjoy.

Earth also acts as a foundation for many of your business ventures. It keeps you grounded with solid fundamentals that have proven to be successful.

Abode in Dreams

Dreaming of an abode represents your need to seek out safety and comfort amongst friends. You enjoy the company of others to keep yourself entertained. Your career and success will depend on the length of time among the company of peers, where you develop your skills as a socialite.

Hare in Dreams

Hares are associated with speed. When you dream of hares, you want to get from point A to point B in the fastest possible way. In a relationship, you are seeking intimacy. At work, you are seeking a promotion. Be cautious with your journey, where there are bound to be a few stumbles that keep you from crossing the finish line.

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