Foreigner in Dreams

Dreaming of a foreigner means you desire to meet someone new, allowing you the chance to establish new relationships. Are you going through the same routines each day while growing tired of what you are doing or who you are meeting? When you see a foreigner in your dream, it is a sign that you need to pack your bags and travel. See new places, befriend new faces.

Baggage in Dreams

Dreaming of baggage means you are being held back by burdens and troubling issues. No matter how fast you imagine yourself advancing in life, your mind is never as focused as you want because it is thinking about things that trouble you. Whether it is your past or current problems at work, please spend time in your waking hours to take care of them before moving forward.

Jaguar in Dreams

A jaguar appearing in your dream signifies that you are anxious about facing the powerful and wealthy ahead of you. If you overcome the fear and able appease the jaguar, then success will come easily. Many individuals have rise up and confronted the jaguar alone or with support and joined the ranks of the successful.

Thunder in Dreams

Thunder in dreams means you will be encountered with repercussion for one of your actions. In nature lightning precede thunder because the speed of light travels faster than the speed of sound. Thunder follows lightning as a result of the pressure and temperature creating air to move in to create a sonic boom; the sound of thunder. Lightning would be the action you did and if you dream of thunder, it would be the effect of your action. Your sub-conscience could be telling you to think about your actions more carefully and think about the consequences that could follow by performing those actions. You should look into the phrase “think before you act”.