Amusement Park in Dreams

Dreaming of an amusement park means you are looking to relax and leave your responsibilities at the office. Your life may be lacking in terms of activity and everyday has become a routine. Plan a day trip with people you know to enjoy yourselves while furthering a strong bond in the relations.

Temple in Dreams

Being regarded as a sacred sanctuary, a temple is an embodiment of spirituality and meditation. Thus, dreaming that you are at a temple represents your desire to find peace and to be at a place of cleansing and spiritual enlightenment. You yearn to develop and sharpen your spiritual growth and inspiration. Seeing a temple in your dreams can represent your desire to find a place where you can take shelter at when you feel like the world is being harsh on you.

Girls in Dreams

When you dream about the girls you like, you are simply fantasizing about the things you want to do while in their company. Whether that involves seeing them at the park, meeting them at the movies, or spending time shopping at the mall.

Dreaming about girls give you the opportunity to train yourself to say things that are nice, and makes them like you in return. Often times, the dream is a foreshadowing of public display of affection to keep couples happy.

Baggage in Dreams

Dreaming of baggage means you are being held back by burdens and troubling issues. No matter how fast you imagine yourself advancing in life, your mind is never as focused as you want because it is thinking about things that trouble you. Whether it is your past or current problems at work, please spend time in your waking hours to take care of them before moving forward.