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Celebrities in Dreams

Dreaming of celebrities means you idolize the person in the many roles they have played in movies. The glitz and the glamor of their lives bedazzles you into desiring a life of luxury. It is easy to imagine hanging out with celebrities, but let’s not forget how much hard work they put in before accomplishing the deserved recognition. If you truly want to be rich and famous like a celebrity, then start working extremely hard.

Garnet in Dreams

Garnet, a crystal of many different colors is often found as deep shade of red. Thus, dreaming about a garnet is indicative of your passionate and understanding nature. This crystal is symbolic of clarity and control so seeing one in your dreams conveys the notion of you feeling enlightened and in control of your life. Your loyal and devoted nature makes you an ideal partner for relationships, friendships, and family. Garnets represent strength and the power to overcome difficult situations at hand.

Acid in Dreams

Dreaming of acid represents a destructive force eating away at you emotionally or physically. This can literally cause you sickness in the waking hours. If you are troubled at work, take a short vacation break to recharge and zone out all those around you. If you are troubled by a relationship, it is better to break it off completely instead of letting it drain you energy similar to acid corroding your soul.

Accent in Dreams

Dreaming of an accent means you appreciate the uniqueness your voice brings to monotony of everyone sounding the same. The accent is developed through years of living in a region other than where you are residing currently. The spoken accent is accepted as sophistication and air of authority amoung your peers.

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