Boy Scout in Dreams

Being a Boy scout in dreams or seeing a boy scout in your dreams can be related to guilt. Boy scouts are taught to be very truthful, honest, and helpful. They are seen as innocent and the way that society should behave. Perhaps you have done something wrong and your conscience is trying to tell that to you. You may be feeling guilty or bad about something you have done in the past and it’s catching up to you. Boy scouts represent the way we should behave and seeing one is reminding you that you should follow by example and right the wrongs you have done.

Alcohol in Dreams

Dreaming of alcohol means escaping reality and avoiding life’s problems. Instead of facing your problems, you look to the bottle to drown yourself out and pass time numbed. It makes your forget the who you are for the moment and the many obstacles that surround you.

Wake up and change. Alcohol should only be used in moderation to celebrate and life the spirits. It is not a tool, and don’t dream about it.

Pyramid in Dreams

Pyramids have been considered a great spectacle of the world. The ancient Egyptians took many years to build just one, yet they have multiple pyramids in existence. Dreaming of such pyramids can signify that there is a potential to do great things in life, to build wonders and huge projects that stand out like the pyramids do. And as the years go by, the pyramids continue to stand proud and tall, braving various harsh conditions. Thus, dreaming about pyramids suggests that you have a strong and solid foundation. This can be directly translated into longevity, firm will, and the power to dazzle others.

World of Warcraft in Dreams

Dreaming of the World of Warcraft means you have taken a particular interest in an alter ego allowing you to thrive in the virtual world. You use your supernatural abilities to fight monsters, complete quests, and make friends. Work on transferring these social skills and work ethics to the real world, and you will succeed in business life and relationships.