America in Dreams

Dreaming of America means freedom and tolerance to make the life you want to live. Be law abiding citizens and you will have the ability to grow rich at your own pace.

America is where hard work is rewarded. It also helps the American dream exponentially with who you know in your social circle.

Intestines in Dream

Dreaming of intestines mean the end through cruel disgusting acts. It is never a good sign to see intestines because it is only present at horrible accidents or acts of mutilation. Beware of your enemies in your waking hours as they are not likely to hold anything back when confronting you. Take caution when traveling to unfamiliar destination.

Warlock in Dreams

A warlock is a person of the mystical arts. Dreaming of a warlock shows a dark magical dabbling in your life. Perhaps it is not being involved with the dark arts yourself, but having wishes and desires to look into it. It may be a sign that there are great forces at work in your life, potentially even spirits or demons. Warlocks use the power of the dark so this may symbolic of your own dark ways or thinking. Dreaming of a warlock isn’t necessarily an alarming sign, but you may want to keep a closer leash on.

Binoculars in Dreams

Dreaming of binoculars mean you are ready to see more of the forest instead of focusing on the trees. The binoculars enable your vision to see farther and see more details before embarking on finalizing your decisions. Your peers will trust you more when you are able to present to them a longer term world view.

Dreaming of binoculars will free you from your old myopic ways.