Underwater in Dreams

To dream that you are underwater is reflective of your current state. You may feel that you are drowning and sucked into a whirlpool of problems and negative emotions. As a result, you feel you are losing control of salient tasks at hand and your life. Thus, you desire to find solutions and balance in your life.

Envisioning yourself underwater in your dream also has another interpretation. Water is a breathtaking element of nature so if you see yourself underwater, it may suggests you have a great affinity for the aquatic environment. You long for the tranquility that the blue waters can provide for you. This underwater dream may be indicative of your adventurous side and urge to explore so you can escape from boring everyday life.

Bastard in Dreams

Dreaming of a bastard means you are generally promiscuous and are always giving lots of love to people you come across. It can also mean that you are not the responsible type, and have a certain fear of raising kids when you are not ready. Play it safe, and a bastard won’t be coming into your life any time soon.

Kangaroo in Dreams

Dreaming of kangaroos are and indication of your anxiety and hostility towards a certain friend or enemy. Kangaroos are by nature a cautious and guarded creatures. Thus upon waking up from a kangaroo dream, you must exercise care to notice changes in your relationships.

Compass in Dreams

A compass has long been an instrument to help people find their way. Dreaming of a compass may signify a sense of being lost or trying to find something. Though the compass will never be able to pinpoint and tell you exactly where whatever you may be looking for is, it does give a general sense of direction. This will assist you and give some hints as to where you may be headed. It doesn’t tell you where you are, but it lets you know where you are going generally and thus, the same notion can be applied to the dreamers. They will not know the location of what they search for, but they will have that innate sense that they are close.

Seeing a compass in your dream may also be an indication for you to reflect the path that your current wake self is taking.