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Mirror in dreams

Seeing a mirror in dreams is your mind telling you to take a good look at yourself. A mirror displays your physical appearance, unedited and the true visual of what you are. Metaphorically a mirror can represent the type of person you are on the inside. You see a mirror in your dreams because there is something about yourself that you do not appreciate whether it be physical or internal. Find out who you are on the inside and out and maybe then you can be at one with who you are and what you want to become. Not everyone’s perfect, but the first step to self worth is to understand and accept who and what you are.

Centipedes in Dream

Centipedes are fearsome creatures. In dreams, they represent fears and worries that act as obstacles between you and your goals. There will be tremendous amount of negative energy surrounding you, and impeding every steps of your progress. Stop thinking negatively and being pessimistic will rid of centipedes from your dreams.

Ass / Donkey in Dreams

The donkey is associated with simplicity and sturdiness. Having those traits lead to success in your undertakings, whether of travel or love. A simple person is often surrounded by loyal friends and associates. You will always have this support system, and attain your goals in a good pace.

Knee in Dreams

Dreaming of knees has the connotation of forever bending. Whether this involves rules or life, there comes a certain amount of dissatisfaction because there will be scapegoating necessary to pacify the difficult situations.

Most often, try to avoid being hurt or damaged after having a knee dream. If you face a tough obstacle and fail, your psyche will be scarred.

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