Roaches in Dream

Roaches in a dream indicates filth and dirt. Your dream represents undesirable aspect of your life that you have constantly ignored. Now the situation has gotten worst as seen overrun by roaches.

Think about what the issues that have been bugging you and confront them.

Swan in Dreams

Swans bring about prosperity and delight in dreams. If you have a health concern, then your swan dream is a message of good health to follow. If you are faced with a mysterious life issue, the swan in your dream will provide the revelation.

In all its goodness, swans will set you free to enjoy all the delightful experiences of what life is meant to be at its fullest.

Apples in Dream

Dreaming of apples mean you have every intention to make nice, and appease your sexual desires. The tender juice from biting an apple is the release of your everyday tensions and stresses.

It is also representative of your growth in personal development, and relationships. Given time and effort, all things important to you will ripen and bear plentiful fruit.

Letter G in Dreams

Dreaming of the letter G means you are destined for great things. Money, fame, glamor are all within your reach. If there is something you want to show off, then go ahead and make it bigger than life. The money you spend on getting yourself in front of your audience will reward you tenfold.