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Tina Fey in Dreams

To see Tina Fey in your dream, it signifies the lighthearted, and fun loving side of you that wants to get out in front of the spot light. If you are to copy Tina’s actions as in the dream, it will help you become more uninhibited in social surroundings. Emulating her, you’ll have captured a new facade that can further facilitate your relationships and career.

Being Kidnapped in Dreams

Perceiving yourself as being kidnapped in your dreams is symbolic of your fear of being held against your will. As you are taken from your home or your usual comfortable environment, you become a victim as a result of this twisted act. Even though you wish to leave, there is no possible way to. Your freedom is restricted and those you hold dear are faraway from you. Thus, dreaming of being kidnapped is the manifestation of the fear of being held against your will, to be helpless to where you want to go. Being kidnapped and unable to gain back your control of your life, you feel vulnerable with your destiny controlled by others.

Music Box in Dreams

Dreaming of a music box means recalling pleasant memories of gift giving and sharing the moment of the music tune. The repetitive jingles reverberate the images of the person you have liked and missed dearly.

The music box also represents the day you spent shopping for their gift; and dreaming of them smiling when they play the music box again in the future.

Stallion in Dreams

Stallions are strong creatures. When a stallion appears in your dream, it signifies the power and strength within you. Being able to harvest these attributes will take you far in business and relationships. In addition, there will be individual who realize your strengths and help push you towards your goals.

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