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Deafness of Another in Dreams

Perceiving another person as being deaf in your dream reveals your feeling of frustration and helplessness. This may be due to the other person’s refusal to listen to you. Thus, you feel this person is very thickheaded and in some ways, is very cowardly. That person may wish not to listen to the truth and is trying their best to withdraw themselves away from you. As a result, a feeling of agitation is beginning to build up in you.

To dream that others are deaf is reflective of your conscious self where you feel like no one is listening to you.

Alchemy in Dreams

Dreaming of alchemy means transformation to someone other than your old self. You are not happy with your current situation and a positive change needed immediately. It takes a lot to change while not reverting back to your old ways and bad habits.

Alchemy dream allows you to hit rock bottom and ride the cycle to the top again.

Arctic in Dreams

Dreaming of the Arctic means you are feeling abandoned and all alone by yourself. The events leading up to your current state of being alone may not be your fault, but it hurts deeply not being able to reach out to people who were once close to you. Take responsibility in knowing that you failed this time and learn to change for the better. Warmer days will be a reality, stop moping over the past.

Rinku Singh in Dreams

When Rinku Singh appears in your dream, it is an indication of the pending success that will be coming to you. This success may involve forging a professional sports career through winning a contest to support family and friends. Your own dreams are strengthen by the strong ties to family, and the focus to bring honor to the family name.

The more you realize your achievements, the more you are content with being gifted with the abilities you have.

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