Swift Fox in Dreams

Dreaming of a swift fox means you applying a high level of trickery to attain what you desire. You manipulate multiple parties like a puppeteer influencing everyone’s actions with a line of string. Your enemies may be on to your tricks, but they are never able to pin down evidence to threaten your work.

Parks and Carnivals in Dreams

Dreaming of parks and carnivals mean you are recalling extreme emotions of happiness and frustrations. You may have spent an awesome memorable day at the park with a significant other and continue to cherish the moments.

At the carnival, you may have waited hours in line for a 2 minute ride. That’s the frustration you remember, in addition to the thrill you had on the ride.

These extremes help to make life feel real; and you want to experience them again and again.

Ballroom Dancing in Dreams

Dreaming of ballroom dancing means you are ready for the next step of being flashy, and upping your showmanship when you are out and about. For years, you have practiced and perfected who you are. Now is the time to break out from the mundane and grab life by the horns. Go out there and start entertaining, and simply have as much fun as possible because life is short.

Ashtray in Dreams

Dreaming of an ashtray means you are anxious about smoking, whether you crave the act of smoking or giving up smoking all together. Are you smiling when you dream of the ashtray, or are you dreading the ashtray?

The ashtray dream can also mean you are holding on to memories of little value that are hindering your development as an individual.