Music in Dreams

Hearing music in your dream could potentially signify your own unique way of expressing yourself. As an art, music comes from the very soul of a person, for it serves as the tool and instrument in how they express themselves. One may not find it easy to express themselves with words, so they turn to another form and method. Music is the singing of the soul, the most melodic of what the heart can say. Dreaming of music shows that inner desire to be free, to be able to tell what is welled up inside.

Having soothing music play in your dream could be an indication of the relaxed and calm state your mind and body is in. However, if the music in your dream is very out of tune and choppy, this could symbolize a time of discontent and imbalance.

Jaw in Dreams

Dreaming of a jaw means you are all about the daily grind. The tough days help to fulfill the emptiness in your life. Instead of looking forward to the weekends like everyone else, you live for the work week where you have been trained to do your best all your life.

Ever question yourself that life is not all about working? Take a long break and find yourself.

Glass in Dreams

Dreaming of glass means you are protected from the outside world. This also lends to your personality of being passive because you are rarely interacting with people and strangers at social gatherings. Your world is an enclosed snow globe where reality is created in your imagination where you can experience a consistent happiness.

Glass can also mean that your life is fragile but people never get to see the real person behind the glass.

Canary in Dreams

A dream of a canary at home translates into a happy and comfortable life whether it is caged or free spirited. Canaries are full of exquisite refinement with its beautiful coat of colors, wealth and satisfying friendships. Friends and lasting relationships are the prominent traits of canaries.