Banner in Dreams

Dreaming about a banner means you are in the middle of rallying people to adopt your cause. If you are waving the banner, then you are the leader. In your waking hours, continue to influence those around you by offering what they desire if they were to take your side. Stay true to your goal, and you will have a wonderful journey getting there.

Cardinal in Dreams

Dreaming of cardinals signify that you are quick to show off your brilliance and popularity. If any presentation requires your appearance, you are to win over the hearts of the attendees with your words of wisdom and top notch presentation skills. Follow the cardinal in your dreams, and continue showing off to win the admiration of many.

Beggar in Dreams

Dreaming of a beggar means seeing yourself as a failure and stuck in life. Remember that failure is a state of mind, and most of the time it is only temporary. Being stuck is when you need your friends the most, reach out to them to help you do more of moving forward. Do you truly believe that you will become a beggar as you dream it? Turn it around, there’s only so much more you can lose if you already have little left. Become the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Letter Z in Dreams

Dreaming of the letter Z means you are being held back, and not achieving your full potential. You are seen as a lazy person who always takes the easy way out or abandoning your responsibilities completely. This habitually leaves you in last place in contests or races. End the loser cycle and start dreaming of the letter A.