Winning Numbers in Dreams

Dreaming of winning numbers represent a very hopeful view of winning a drawing or a lottery. These numbers come to you by prophetic means through dreams. It is a likely message from a higher power, who heard your prayers, by providing you with the winning numbers for the next numbers drawing. Your faith is strong and will be well rewarded with a potential increase of wealth and financial freedowm.

Ruby in Dreams

A ruby is a precious stone of brilliant red. To see a ruby in your dream, it indicates you are a person of passion, power, and great sexual desire. Rubies are considered to be the stones with the greatest power. They are also signs of vitality and protection. Dreaming about a ruby symbolizes two important elements of life: love and friendship. Also, visualization of a ruby in your dream represents the intense and vivid nature of your personality.

Alligator in Dreams

Alligators indicate a dream of caution and fear. The individual is afraid of being bitten by the alligator’s powerful jaws or eaten by the alligator in their struggle against a fearsome animal.

A type of warning to the person dreaming to be careful in making new speculations. It is a dream unfavorable to all persons connected to it.

Accent in Dreams

Dreaming of an accent means you appreciate the uniqueness your voice brings to monotony of everyone sounding the same. The accent is developed through years of living in a region other than where you are residing currently. The spoken accent is accepted as sophistication and air of authority amoung your peers.