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Analyst in Dreams

Dreaming of an analyst means you need to examine your life closely than before. Going through the daily grind may seem fulfilling, but the people who succeed are the people live their life with full purpose and goals. Examine your life to see what you are doing right verses what you are doing wrong. Cut out all the vices and you will once again see the light.

Sand Castle in Dreams

Sand castles are made of tiny grains of sand, formulated into the shape of a castle by frail bonds. To dream of a sand castle means that there may be something in your life such as your career or relationship requiring careful planning before it is built. If you build it too far away from the shore, the transferring of needed water to make the sand castle stay together will be difficult. However, building it too close to the shore and the tide will easily wash it away.

Therefore, you must provide yourself with a sturdy and vigorous foundation before proceeding further ahead. A sand castle in your dream may also be an indicator that you are trying to escape reality and trying to find a place of tranquility.

Gag in Dreams

Dreaming of gagging means you are being silenced in an important subject that you feel strongly about. There will be an opportunity where you will say what you have to say to influence the future outcomes. Continue to work up the courage to speak your mind, and the gagging feeling will go away naturally.

Birthday Cake in Dreams

Dreaming of a birthday cake means you are craving for attention. The day you are born is of great importance, and you have learned to celebrate it for every year of your life by having all your friends around you. Cake never tasted so sweet when you know that you are the center of attention. Give yourself a pat of approval because you will receive a call from someone who cares about you.

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