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Hostage in Dreams

Dreaming of a hostage means you are being held captive by people who intend to profit off you. All your actions as a hostage are limited and closely controlled with little or no outside contact allowed. This dream can be triggered by a sense of helplessness at a dead end job, or am unfulfilled relationship. In the waking hours, seek out friends and activities to compensate for the lack of a healthy balance in your life and experience the new found freedoms.

Dying in Dream

Dying in a dream can represent fear. It may be a fear of death itself, or a fear of something within your life. Death can be seen as a way of the ultimate escape. Perhaps, you’re trying to run away from something in your life and you most likely know that you can’t get away. So your dream creates the ultimate scenario where you escape in the only way you’re guaranteed out of a situation, by death.

Dying is seen as an escape from ones problem, or a fear of consequence. Maybe you’ve done something you’re not proud of, and your mind is punishing you in a way where you’re forced to constantly think of what you’ve done.

In either case, you have to go and confront your fears. Face your challenges head on and keep progressing forward, that’s the only way to overcome them.

Badminton in Dreams

Dreaming of badminton means you are currently faced with challenges that require your responses that both quick and concise. If you have success in the badminton dream, then you can breeze through your decisions with intuition. If you lose your badminton match in your dream, then you may want to strengthen up on more of the fundamentals to handle your professional endeavors.

Rainbow in Dreams

Rainbows are believed to represent good luck and fortune. Thus, a rainbow in a dream signifies your hope and wish for success and affluence. A rainbow can be also perceived as a bridge or connection that coalesce your physical self with your inner self. Lovers seeing a rainbow together is thought to have a harmonious relationship with good fortune. In western culture, a rainbow also is an emblem of gay pride.

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