Face in Dreams

Dreaming of a face represents you seeking to be more like that person whether that person’s personality, abilities, or traits make them attractive. The more you see their faces in dreams, the stronger your desires to be emulate their every accomplishments.

Seeing your own face represents a degree of uncertainly you are encountering in your own self image. Take a step back and re-evaluate areas that you can improve on, and start immediately. Before you know it, that aspect of your life has already become stronger.

Tornado in Dreams

Dreaming of a tornado means losing control over your actions and life. It could be multiple events leading up to the lost of self control. You could end up in a rampant drug binge because of failures to address big personal issues and a series of failed ventures.

Friends and family have started to notice the pattern and tend to stay clear of your tornado path of irrational anger and outpouring of diatribes.

Kissing in Dream

Kissing in a dream is something natural that everyone growing up experiences. The act is a desire to feel love and wanted; at the same time a starting point to connect with someone physically. First base is the gateway to every position.

The individuals, you like and desire most, will appear in your dreams wanting to kiss you or openly accepting kisses from you. Every kiss is a renewal of youthful energy and sexual desires.

Seeing a significant other kiss another person in your dream indicates you have doubts in the relationship, or sensing their infidelity, or a rationalization behind your own cheating.

Horse in Dreams

Dreaming about horses is key in financial gains as these are magnificent creatures that are fast and powerful. After these dreams, the host dreamer generally beings to experience a prosperous and happy life. If you are the horse rider in the dream, the scenes and re-enactment of success will be much closer to real life.