Number Nine in Dreams

The number nine has always been associated with the terms longevity and forever in eastern culture. It is considered to be a very positive and favorable number. Appearing in your dream, the number nine can represent long lasting friendships and relationships. It can also indicate you are at a prolific stage in your life. With a fecund imagination and inspiration, you hope to ameliorate yourself and others around you.

Number Ten in Dreams

People always associate the number ten with perfection and quintessence. Seeing the number ten appear in your dreams may suggest that you feel content and euphoric at this point in your life. Everything to you may be ideal or almost perfect. The number ten also harmonizes with the term closure, meaning you have found the answer to what you seek for. The number ten may also exemplify the law in relations to the ten commandments.

Skeleton in Dreams

Seeing a skeleton in dreams represent the fact that something bad is about to be revealed. Whether you want these secrets exposed is not within your control as your enemies have been plotting it for a long time.

Take steps to safeguard your wealth by diversifying before the skeletons come out of the closet and destroy everything you have.

Deer in Dreams

Dreams related to a deer is favorable. Deers like to graze in familiar lands, and frolic about with its pack. Deers forms long lasting relationships. A dream of deers indicate good business affairs and fortune in love.