Bees in Dream

Bees are constantly active in producing honey or retrieving food sources. Its productive life is unparalleled in the insect universe. Bees not only work all day, but maintain a balanced social life. Its constants movement signifies happiness in life, success in love and good wage earnings. Bees signify positive, pleasant and profitable engagements.

Going on a Date in Dreams

When one sets up a scheduled date with another, there will always be some sort of anxiety and excitement. You may feel infatuated or like the other person and want to get to know them better through a date. Thus, to dream of yourself going on a date reflects your anxious feelings and fear of potential rejection. You are scared that the other person will not willingly accept certain aspects of you when they get to know you better. Try to have more confidence in yourself. At the same time, treat this date as a journey of discovery, both of the other person and yourself. You may find hidden abilities and information about yourself that you tend to overlook. Sometimes, it is very hard to see things related to us when we may be biased in our opinions.

Seeing yourself on a date represents your desire to spend more time with a certain person in your life. You want to make progress and build a relationship with the other, whether it may be a romantic or physical relationship

Bereavement in Dreams

Dreaming of bereavement means you are holding back on expressing sadness or mental pain from a tragic event. Unless you come to a point of taking time to grieve properly, you will continue to be troubled with images of bereavement when everyone else affected by the tragic event has already moved on.

Sometimes expressing weakness is a show of strength when necessary.

Betrayal in Dreams

Dreaming of betrayal means your paranoia and suspicions of someone or some event is effecting you tremendously. Your fears of the future are being played out in your dreams. It may be the correct time to confront the person that is giving you grief, or muddling your thoughts. Settle any issues with them amicably, and your dreams of betrayal will eventually subside.