Baby Shower in Dreams

Dreaming of a baby shower means a part of your life is starting over, you are moving away from the old and boring to the new and exciting. The baby shower also indicates that your friends and family will be supportive of your new endeavors, as they have brought gifts to help you along the journey.

Betrayal in Dreams

Dreaming of betrayal means your paranoia and suspicions of someone or some event is effecting you tremendously. Your fears of the future are being played out in your dreams. It may be the correct time to confront the person that is giving you grief, or muddling your thoughts. Settle any issues with them amicably, and your dreams of betrayal will eventually subside.

Assassin in Dreams

Dreaming of an assassin means you are in fear of being found out, this includes events of your past and future. If you have been taking shortcuts in life, they will suddenly end and you will be at a worst situation than when you started. In business dealings, do not take it lightly in treating the other party unfairly as they will exact their revenge tenfold.

An assassin in your dream is a foreboding of bad things to come based on you being seen as a cheat or swindler.

Hotel in Dreams

Dreaming of a hotel represents the many luxuries in life where you get what you want as service and accommodations. Everyone at the hotel greets you with a smile rather than the inattentive hellos at the office. The hotel is also where your privacy is of the utmost importance to you and the staff.