Computer in Dreams

Dreaming of a computer means you are at the forefront of cutting edge technology with an unlimited potential to accomplish whatever you desire. Having access to information at the tip of your fingers anytime anywhere enables you to lead your peers as they cannot learn and improve on their trade as easily as you. Remember that information is power.

Space Travel in Dreams

Dreaming of space travel is a sign of a highly imaginative mind where an adventurous and daring journey is unfolding. Space is something that we know just so little about. Dreaming of going off into space, where just so few have gone before, is like taking a deep dip into the wondrous imagination of the mind. It is a fascination of the unknown where one is able to travel and experience something so wonderful and so unknown and dangerous at the same time.

This could all potentially mean grand opportunities for success and affluence awaiting you as you make this daring journey of search and exploration.

Lion in Dreams

Lions are noble creatures. Dreaming about lions foretells of strength and pride. Your own success will be easy as your ability has been heighten with additional power and strength of a lion to cope with obstacles.

In addition, lions live in groups indicating that you will have lasting and valuable friendships.

Fighting in Dreams

When you’re fighting in you’re dreams, it’s most likely due to an unresolved issue you have within your life. The fighting represents some sort of anger or hatred you have towards someone that you haven’t been able to express. Your mind is easing itself by allowing your pleasure zone to feel the power of fighting in your dreams, when you physically can’t. Your mind is pretty much tricking you in a healthy way allowing you do accomplish what you want, while resisting you from making a bad decision. The best thing to do is to solve your dilemma with this person(s), so your mind can be clear.