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Testicles in Dreams

Dreaming of testicles mean a strong sex drive, and fertility. You do everything in your powers to engage in sex with the opposite sex, or a same sex partners who feels equally attracted to you. Your world easily revolves around letting your psychological id run wild.

The way you challenge yourself at completing tough tasks is by acknowledging you have testicles.

Conducting an Orchestra in Dreams

To envision yourself conducting an orchestra parallels your desire to be in control of everything that is associated with you. You want to keep a tight rein on things that are fluttering away from you or fluctuating too much in your life. Thus, seeing yourself conducting an orchestra is symbolic of your power and ability to manipulate things according to the way you see fit. Conducting an orchestra in your dream can also be interpreted as contemplation of putting certain plans to use.

Ballet in Dreams

Dreaming of a ballet means you are seeking fluidity and graceful movements. Your life might be tumultuous now, but calmness will eventually wash over it after having the ballet dream. It is also an indication that you will be reaching your goals at a steady pace, rather than the up and down cycles that you see your peers go through each day.

Basin in Dreams

Dreaming of a basin means your life needs a cleansing. You are currently shameful of hiding something that you may have done, and you would like to come clean. Try telling a close friend, or church pastor to help cleanse you of your guilt. It is best to move through the day without the stress of worrying about your past.

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