X-ray in Dreams

Dreaming of an x-ray is akin to the stability of your body. X-rays are used to see into your body’s skeletal structure, the very base and foundation of your body. Therefore, dreaming that you are being x-rayed may be perhaps a sign warning you to check your own foundation, your own base in life. There may be something wrong such as a fracture or crack here and there. It is wise to seek out help and repair these cracks and fractures in your foundation, whether it be your physical body or your life in general before those problems become greater.

This dream can potentially mean that there is some deceit currently taking place in during your wake self. So be more observant and don’t just take things at face value. Dig deeper and find the truth for yourself.

Medical Personnel in Dreams

Dreaming of a medical personnel means you are in need of attention and treatment for the pain that you are experiencing. You may see a doctor, nurse or a pharmacist that attend to your needs, and gradually your pain will subside. You have also learned to trust their professional opinions because of the positive experiences where they were able to alleviate your suffering. In the waking hours, if you have any unusual discomforts, go see a doctor immediately.

The New Year in Dreams

The New Year is a holiday bringing about changes and a new beginning. It celebrates the end of one year and the progression of time into a new year. Dreaming of the New Year is symbolic of letting go of the past and moving forward with time. The most important thing to do before celebrating the New Year is to resolve all old matters before moving ahead. Otherwise, even though a whole new year is about to come, you may still feel some repressed tension and unhappiness.

Seeing yourself celebrating the New Year in you dream is indicative of hope, modifications, and enlightenment. You are making progress and want to continue to do so with each passing year.

Devil in Dreams

When the devil appears in your dream, he has come to destroy and ruin everything that you value. This overwhelming feeling will deliver a crushing blow as you feel helpless and unable to prevent it from progressing further.

The devil is always hungering for material wealth using any dark negative forces where necessary even in your dreams. Protect yourself by re-evaluating all things important in your life.