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Fighting in Dreams

When you’re fighting in you’re dreams, it’s most likely due to an unresolved issue you have within your life. The fighting represents some sort of anger or hatred you have towards someone that you haven’t been able to express. Your mind is easing itself by allowing your pleasure zone to feel the power of fighting in your dreams, when you physically can’t. Your mind is pretty much tricking you in a healthy way allowing you do accomplish what you want, while resisting you from making a bad decision. The best thing to do is to solve your dilemma with this person(s), so your mind can be clear.

Asylum in Dreams

Dreaming of an asylum means you are encountering a lot of mental anguish. You are currently troubled by not knowing who could help you through the low points of your life. The more you think that there is no way out, the more you see yourself being institutionalize. You need to seek out help from friends and professionals who may be able to get your situation straighten out.

Do not shrug it off as if everything is normal after dreaming about an asylum.

Cattle in Dreams

Dreaming of cattle is an indication of your zen like approach to life. Nothing ever phases you whether the task on hand is either big or small. You tackle them with the same level of intensity regardless because only success and completion matters.

The cattle approach to life has taken you far, however to reach the next level of your life’s success, this complacency dream has to change and take a back seat.

Beating in Dreams

Dreaming of a beating means confronting the enemy with reckless abandon that could lead to more problems than necessary. Rethink the dream scenarios before taking a stance or action as the outcome is unfavorable to all involved parties.

Remember the person that was on the receiving end of the beating, as their career and personal life is going to be full of unstable consequences.

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