Anxiety in Dreams

Dreaming of anxiety means you are harboring fear towards a certain activity or event. The closer as the time line approaches, the greater the fear eventually freezing you out from any kind of action. This normally stems from a need for perfection, and a fear of failure. Truth of the matter is that everyone fails before they succeed.

Birth in Dreams

Dreaming of birth means renewal of hope and new beginnings. If you are experiencing difficulties in your career and relationships, then changes will be coming that provides for new opportunities rather than you having to subject yourself to a cycle that goes nowhere.

The birth of a new project (or relations) will consume all your energy, and the reward will be all worth it.

Conducting an Orchestra in Dreams

To envision yourself conducting an orchestra parallels your desire to be in control of everything that is associated with you. You want to keep a tight rein on things that are fluttering away from you or fluctuating too much in your life. Thus, seeing yourself conducting an orchestra is symbolic of your power and ability to manipulate things according to the way you see fit. Conducting an orchestra in your dream can also be interpreted as contemplation of putting certain plans to use.

World of Warcraft in Dreams

Dreaming of the World of Warcraft means you have taken a particular interest in an alter ego allowing you to thrive in the virtual world. You use your supernatural abilities to fight monsters, complete quests, and make friends. Work on transferring these social skills and work ethics to the real world, and you will succeed in business life and relationships.