Beef in Dreams

Dreaming of beef means you are seeking to grow stronger. Beef provides for the essentials of staying satiated while you work towards your goals. It could be both physical gains and mental gains.

It also means facing up to your fears. Grab the bull by the horns, then you can have the beef and eat it too.

Distant sound in Dreams

Hearing Distant sounds in dreams represents loneliness in your life, stubbornness, and uncertainty. You hear distant sounds because that’s a reflection of your relationship with others. They are trying to reach out to you and give you their voice, but there is a barrier between you and that person and they feel distant towards you. You are unwilling to listen to others and your dreams are trying to communicate to you what you refuse to hear. Also you are unsure about your current state and your mind is whispering you advice in your dreams and you hear them in this context. Listen to those sounds as they may guide you to a better sounding life.

Insects in Dream

Dreams about insects are accompany by abundant or over indulgence of a real life substance. In terms of the positive outlook, it can mean future financial gains will come in a windfall amount. In terms of the unforeseen, images and visions will be blurred by the vast swarming of the insects in your dream.

Warlock in Dreams

A warlock is a person of the mystical arts. Dreaming of a warlock shows a dark magical dabbling in your life. Perhaps it is not being involved with the dark arts yourself, but having wishes and desires to look into it. It may be a sign that there are great forces at work in your life, potentially even spirits or demons. Warlocks use the power of the dark so this may symbolic of your own dark ways or thinking. Dreaming of a warlock isn’t necessarily an alarming sign, but you may want to keep a closer leash on.