White Flag in Dreams

Flags can have various meanings depending on the person asked and can represent many different things in general. According to some, they can be symbols of unity, pride, nationalism, etc. However, a white flag has a distinctive connotation of surrendering and giving up. Too see a white flag in your dream is indicative that you feel hope is fading away and the only option you have with a certain relationship or situation is to give up. You may be uncertain and pessimistic about what you are up against and the sacrifices you need to make in order to prevail. At the same time, you feel unable to make the right decisions and confused about which path to take. To make things easier, you simply just want to give up to avoid the fuss, headache, and potential heartache.

The best solution to your situation is to carefully analyze things before deciding to give up. Although some things may be hard and tough in the beginning, may be what lies ahead in the future is worth everything you risked.

Red in Dream

Everything about seeing red in a dream heightens your senses. There is an increased amount of danger, energy, activity, and passion levels all around you. Being able to control these senses and you will succeed in secure great fortunes and wealth. Neglect them, and you will fail miserably.

Also your sexual urges are at its highest point. Express them with your significant other or spouse to complete the red dream cycle.

Actor in Dreams

In your dream you become an actor. This is a symbol for maybe a passion you have, which can be to become an actor. You may want to pursue acting and become someone famous, or just simply because you have a passion for it. Also, this can represent a change, maybe you want to be someone else, and by acting, it allows you to be someone else in another sense. The only way to truly know is to evaluate yourself, and your views on acting. Perhaps that acting is not something you want, rather something or someway for you to change yourself.

Winter Dreams

Dreaming of Winter is dreaming of the end. Winter is both cold and void of warmth. The cycle’s end brings upon rest, and restoration. You will have gained happiness in your relationship at this point of juncture. Your investments will have paid out handsomely.

Winter is also a time to wrap up loose ends in financial matters, and neglected relations.