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Girls in Dreams

When you dream about the girls you like, you are simply fantasizing about the things you want to do while in their company. Whether that involves seeing them at the park, meeting them at the movies, or spending time shopping at the mall.

Dreaming about girls give you the opportunity to train yourself to say things that are nice, and makes them like you in return. Often times, the dream is a foreshadowing of public display of affection to keep couples happy.

Yoga in Dreams

To envision yourself performing yoga in your dreams may be reflective of your actual actions during your awake life if you are a yoga practitioner. This shows that as a person, you have a great sense of tranquility and control over your mind. However, if you normally do not do yoga, this dream can allude that you need maintain more balance and harmony in your life.

Telephone in Dreams

Dreaming of a telephone can represent either a sign of avoidance of people, or interaction with people. This telephone in your dream may point to certain people that you wish to not communicate with. Perhaps you are in financial debt or there is that dreaded phone call from the doctor; in essence you are avoiding the call, not wanting to hear the news.

A telephone also serves as an instrument of communication between you and others. It may serve as foundation to your social network, showing your interactions with others.

Admiral in Dreams

Dreaming of an admiral means you are taking command of your life, careers and relationships. Everything about you has a certain style of execution, and resolve. Your peers look to you for leadership as you have shown them how to tackle the toughest of challenges. Continue to command and lead your peers to further everyone’s careers.

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