Abandoned by Others in Dreams

Dreaming of abandonment by others suggests that you feel a current phase of your life is coming to an end and you lack comfort and companionship. It may not be a reality of your awake self, but is symbolic of your fear of losing loved ones and a place of belonging. Subconsciously you are scared of being forsaken and rejected by people you hold dear in your heart. For majority of the people, along with abandonment comes a feeling of betrayal and desolation. You do not want to be left alone and is scared of having no one to care and attend to your needs.

To see yourself being abandoned by others can suggest that you are in a healing process of some sort, trying to overcome your fears and let bygones be bygones. You are trying to leave behind things that were hindering your growth and stand on your own two feet with the aid of others. Even if everyone abandons you, you will still survive and strive for the best.

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