Abandoned in Dreams

Being abandoned in a dream has correlations between the mind and your emotions. Currently you may be feeling upset, lost and lonely. In your physical life you may not feel like there is a distinct connection that you have between you and another person thus leaving your mind to dream of being abandoned. This may have been a result of being abandoned in real life, or feeling left out of something. This can come up as a sign of fear, where you are scared of being close to someone because you are afraid that they may leave you one day. To further process the dream, you would want to look into the reason you were abandoned and by who, this may help you figure out the reasoning behind your mind state.

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One thought on “Abandoned in Dreams”

  1. i recently saw this dream of my boyfriend.. we broke up and i saw this dream of me and him..we were in a car then he gifted me a white wrapped paper as a gift and it was two pens..i was too happy then i left the car..on coming back he wasn’t there..he had disappeared and i don’t remember where he went..please can anyone help me