Abandoning Someone in Dreams

Abandonment is not considered a good intention in most perspectives. Thus, to dream of yourself abandoning another person suggests that you are too submerged by stress and pressure and wish to shun away your obligations. You desire to escape reality and be free from your responsibilities. Just for these reasons alone, abandoning another person just for your own selfish reasons is not justifiable. Dreaming of abandoning someone may propose that the person has caused a great amount of pain and hurt. You feel it is the best to leave and not associate yourself with that person in order to save yourself.

By abandoning another person, you are instilling a feeling of betrayal and profound pain in them. You should really consider whether that is the best option for you and that person. Hastily making a decision without considering whether the benefits outweigh the negative of your relationship with the other person, will not be a wise decision. In the latter case where the person has deeply hurt you, the decision is totally up to you.

Leaving someone does not always have to be taken under a negative light. Dreaming of yourself abandoning someone may your desire to obtain your freedom again because the burdens that comes with being with that person is just too much. Also, leaving may be the best option for that person. Whatever is the case, think things through.

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4 thoughts on “Abandoning Someone in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that I was with a group with my crush and we were holding hands, then when someone from our group saw us she let go, then suddenly her jacket got stolen and I tried to chase the theif but I just got lost until a friend found me and helped me get back home, but I forgot that I abandoned my group and my crush so in the dream I tried calling her that is when I woke up.

  2. I had a dream last night that scared me awake. I was in what seemed like an abandoned house that I may have been living in or just bought. It was falling apart. There were creepy sounds coming out of dark almost all of the dark areas. I believe I was there with a woman and a little girl. The noises got louder and an older pale lady came running out of the darkness and telling me to get out, or run. The lady then disappeared and I grabbed the hand of the woman I was with and attempted to grab the hand of the little girl but I couldn’t and looked back and she couldn’t leave the house and started walking into the darkness. In my dream I started crying and woke up crying and terrified.

  3. I had a dream I was leaving a small town I lived in. I was leaving my family, my best friend/ boyfriend, and my ex-boyfriend came right as I was leaving to ask me to marry him. Before I left, my boyfriend and I exchanged some kind of candy and the promise that I’ll come back. My family was proud that I was leaving. My ex saw I was leaving and just ran away. I’m so puzzled by this dream, I can’t stop thinking about it. I had it following a fight with my boyfriend.