Accused in Dreams

Dreaming of accusations mean that you are forced into a corner and bringing up inner courage to defend yourself. If you are on the receiving end of the accused actions, you will be overcome with guilt and fighting an uphill battle of one versus many. This feeling may also arise when you are up against the task of persuading a large crowd to take your side of the story.

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2 thoughts on “Accused in Dreams”

  1. I get a dream frequently in a month or 15 days time span. When I am fast asleep somebody attacks on me in my dream. It tries to put his full force on me. It once was slowy scratching on my stomach or hard tickles on my neck and it is continuous. It sometimes holds my hands and recently in my dream something came from top left shoulder side over my face and hold my hands and was forcing. Then that irritation wakes me up, but not fully. While I am in my sleep I slowly feel that something is happening and I try to force to remove that thing from me and try to wake up. But that thing is not letting me do this and it is getting more forceful on me. I am little awake and little in sleep. That force is not letting me wake from my sleep and I am trying my best to wake up so that, that thing goes away from me. After much effort I could succeed in waking and getting off that thing from me. Here the dream ends. Please suggest what does this dream being accused mean and advice some solution.

    1. It is possible that it is an evil spirit playing with you. If you are muslim read ayah tul kursi before going to bed and nothing will harm you. If you are not muslim, you should look into islam, there is a way to cure these kind of things.