Adoption in Dreams

Dreaming of adoption means starting or accepted into a new family. It covers a transition period in your life of uncertainty and acceptance. The adoption process is both tiring and emotionally draining, but the rewards far outweigh everything.

It often involves give a stranger new hope that there are people in the world that care for their well being.

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3 thoughts on “Adoption in Dreams”

  1. I had thee most weirdest adoption dream… I dreamed that I just found out that I was an adopted child … And as I confront my current dad which in reality is my real dad he openly explains my birth parent how she was and why I was adoption. Actually woke up wondering if I am adopted lol which this my dad confirms with reply are you mad. So why would I dream about something that is far from the truth.

  2. I’m 19 years old, and I have no boyfriend or girlfriend, So I feel this is irrelevant but…
    Last night I had a dream that I adopted a little girl named Katey, who was about 6 years old.
    We were like two peas in a pod.

    I was almost disappointed to wake up.

    What does this mean?

  3. After nearly 37 years I’ve been reunited with my birth father. The reception by him and his family has been amazing! So much love , affection and acceptance. The first night I slept like a baby and don’t really remember my dreams. Last night I dreamt that my wife and I gave up our two sons for adoption. I woke up in tears. The feeling was so real.. The pain and heaviness in my chest was overwhelming. In the dream we were sitting there with the adoptive parents discussing if they were going to keep their names.. Towards the end I remember just lying on the floor and curling up in the fetal position and weeping as looked at my youngest for the last time.