Amputation in Dreams

Dreaming of an amputation means some force is limiting you in what you can achieve through your own efforts. Does the amputation result in a lost of a hand, leg, or various body parts?

Losing a hand could be the result that you have stolen something, and that’s the price you pay for those actions. Losing a leg could be the result that you have gone to places that were off limits.

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One thought on “Amputation in Dreams”

  1. i dont think this is very accurate i dont know though never lost any thing due to amputation in a dream i have had many dreams which correlate with present happenings, such as the playing f music in my dream being that which is playing on the radio or lights getting turned on being the sun creeping up on the shadow i was in and when the light got turned on the sun hit me and i woke up it was pretty intense, i also woke up one standing at attention in line counting off in military school. pretty neat sleep is so interesting how did my mind know the lights where about to get turned on? i do not think it was coincidence at all.