Apologize in Dreams

Dreaming of apologizing mean you have wronged a person, and need to confront them to make amends. It may appear to be a hard task as humans are not too well trained in this emotional undertaking because we rarely do it unless it has really hurt someone and the other party realizes that it is better to move on than holding a grudge.

If you ever dream about apologizing, it is better to follow through and lose the guilt that burdens your heart.

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2 thoughts on “Apologize in Dreams”

  1. I have been separated from my husband for over 1 month. I dreamt I was in a park with my uncle, Bashir, and my husband. It was clear blue sky skies with no clouds but beautiful breeze. The grass was very green and healthy looking. My uncle was wearing a black t-shirt tucked in blue jeans. My husband was wearing a beige suit with white dress shirt. I saw my uncle in front of me to my right walking and my husband was in front of him. We were walking on grass and just in front of us there was a walk-way where people were walking by. I did not recognize any people. Right behind the walk-way there was a green grassy hill. I see my husband point to each person, walking by on the walk-way, one at a time. Then I see my uncle go to each person that my husband points to, with hands joined together he says ‘I am sorry”. My husband makes him do that to at least about 5 people. After that I see my husband go up on the hill turn towards us and say, “See uncle Bashir you said that you will apologies to everyone if you are wrong”. Then I wake up.

    While I was dreaming this, I do not remember feeling hatred, angry, shameful or sorry. Nor do I remember both of them even acknowledging me in the dream.

    Can anyone please help me understand my dream? Jazakallah.