Arson in Dreams

Dreaming of arson means you desire a quick destructive act where your responsibilities are eliminated. This is cowardly behavior that acts as a quick fix by burning everything, and will not solve any long term obstacles. It is also representative of your life reaching a boiling point where you can not take it any more. Seek out assistance to deal with problems properly.

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One thought on “Arson in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that the house that I recently moved into have 2 Molotov cocktails thrown into it. After the first one, we all got out (we meaning myself, my 2 god kids, maybe all 3 of them were there, a man, and an older couple), mind you, I like with my roommate and she want in the dream. Anyway, after the first one, we all got out the ambulance and firemen came, and we were allowed to go back in. About an hour later we saw a figure of a man out the back window and we watched his shadow throw another one through the window, that’s when we knew it was arson and not just a house fire. The man that lived with me ran through the house to catch him, chased into the house and I went to hit him with a broom I picked up and I missed, and that’s when I woke up…It’s important to note that a couple other things were prominent details that stuck out to me: There was a fire across the street just moment before the first one at my house; also there was a trail of broken glass pieces that look identical to a piece of glass that I cleaned up off the floor in my real life. And 3, the first fire only affected the front of the house, a few char marks and some ruined curtains, the rest of the home was fine. I have no idea what this dream means, but it was so vivid and I need help interpreting . Thanks.