Assaulting in Dreams

Assaulting in a Dream can mean many things. For one, there is more than likely some emotional issues that need to be looked at. Some of which include anger, sadness, depression, and being irrational.

Being assaulted compared to assaulting someone has two different contexts. Being assaulted can have a link between your conscience and your physical being. This could indicate an event or time where you were physically harmed in such a way, and your mind is slowly having reoccurring thoughts. There can be connections to being insecure, as where you’re worried that there may be harm done to your person, or you’re not content with yourself physically so your mind feels the need to harm your current state.

Assaulting someone in a dream is related to the emotional issues, whether you’re taking out your emotions on them because you have a personal dislike towards that person or, they have wronged you in a way. The way to cope with these dreams is to deal with your emotions, and ask yourself if you’re angry or are there unresolved issues that you’re feeling with the person that’s in your dreams.

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One thought on “Assaulting in Dreams”

  1. So i am a senior in high school, and i just had a very confusing dream. I dont usually remember any dreams but this was vivid. So it started off where we are leaving tbe school for lunch. Theres this dude outside who is walking in. So we are going i to the parking lot when i hear a slap. I turn around and my friend slapped him for reaching for her boob. I reacted and immediately went to beating the everliving crap from this man. So one thing goes to another and theres these two people looking for me. One is like a priest, but he isnt. He seemed more voodoo is. He shouted something along the lines of suffering and threw drops of a red liquid. The ither was standing there with a chain which had a hook which was very large om the end of it. Something meant for medival battle. So i went to it with these two guys, i saw an opening at one point and took part of the chain and began suffocating the voodoo guy then turned around at the one who wields the chain and stuck it in his neck. My dream never showed them dead. But before they attacked at was looking at a wall in a street which had a legitimate door whick couldnt have been big enough fir even a cat, i stared at this door. It goes on to when we come back to the school. Principle and the original victim were both there. Principle says that i might want to look for more classes after this happened. Begins to shut the door on me. I stopped the door and sat down next to the man. I began explaining why i assaulted him and it was because it seemed as if he sexually assaulted one if my friends. I began to cry saying that i cant go to jail or it will ruin everything for my family…. i was the only person from a group of 5 or 6 highschool kids who fought anyone present. I cant figure this out. I feel like im in a defense mode but why was there remorse for protecting someone i care for?