Auditing in Dreams

Dreaming of auditing means going through stages of uncertainty and time is needed to reevaluate everything you have done to define who you are. You will uncover your real strengths and weaknesses in the process of the audit. When the truth is presented, you will also earn new trust among friends and family.

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2 thoughts on “Auditing in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt that a school was being audited and for some reason the principal was behind it all which made a real serious problem seem like possibly a scare to shake the people responsible for messing around with what rightfully belongs to the school. Innocent people were being arrested just because of affiliation with those people, I was one of them. The officials came and we’re extremely nice and patient with me and I remember being pulled out of class asking with another young lady. We were told by the principal earlier how to cooperate with them and as we were being lead down the school hallway I remember going into a store to purchase a sweater that I told myself I would eventually give to my daughter’s father (who was not even present in the dream). I remember buying the sweater because we were told to go into the cafeteria and announce to certain officials that “it’s over, we have been audited and many of us will be leaving out today in handcuffs” then we’re instructed to go out into the hall and make a scene come back inside, stand on the stage and pretend we have already been cuffed.. (which was the reason I bought a sweater to conceal my wrist better as I was wearing an elbow length shirt. While the other girl had grabbed a random sweater from lost and found as she had the same issue. Next thing I knew the plan was a little jacked as the guy who came in to arrest seen the principal while we were walking to cafeteria left us to speak to him and we continued to do what we were instructed. After making the announcement I was waiting in the hall unsure why the other girl never came to the hall and waited for the official. When he returned I began to color (wasn’t neat as I remember feeling rushed) I only had 3 colors on the sheet and the picture not exactly complete but hastily completed when he told me that it was time and we both got up to walk through the doors of the cafeteria when I was woke by my 2 week old daughter, end of dream.

    1. Also, I am not in school. Nor sure what type of school I was in could have been a college. And the colors I colored in were blue, green unsure about the third color. Also, the sweater I bought was white.