Becoming Blind in Dreams

Having your vision obscured is a scary ordeal to go through. With impaired vision, you are no longer able to see clearly, all those important to you and your own environment. Dreaming of being blind in dreams may have different interpretations depending on the situation you are in.

To dream of yourself with impaired vision may imply that you have a great tendency to overlook things and not pay enough attention to the more trivial things of life. You may be blinded by your great ambitions for success or power that you forget those important around you. At this point, you should turn around and realize that power and success does not measure up to the extraordinariness of just having family and friends.

Not being able to see in your dream may indicate that you feel lost and don’t exactly know where your life is headed towards. You are full of uncertainty and doubt due to deprivation of a solution to your problems. You lack the information necessary and clear state of mind to make a decision to change this feeling of unease.

Being blind in your dream may symbolize your inability to make connections and relationships with your loved ones due to a barrier of mistrust you built around yourself. If you feel this way, try to slowly learn to trust those around and not think negatively of them. In order to trust others, you also need to first trust yourself and have confidence to make decisions.

Another interpretation of being blind in your dream is that you feel someone around you is hiding the truth away from you. You feel betrayed by this thought and want to learn of the truth, no matter how harsh and cruel it may be. To you, it is better to know the truth, than blindly live in false illusions.

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23 thoughts on “Becoming Blind in Dreams”

  1. Hey..I had this weird dream that I was in school(college) I called my bf in same school wanted to know about his whereabouts ..He confirmed that he wasn’t around ,I decided to go to the library but on the path way ..I became suddenly blind. No matter how much I tried if was not possible to see plz help

  2. I had a dream that my cat went insane and clawed me eyes out, and the guy I have a serious crush on was there to help me with anything he could, nothing ive read so far has given me a clear answer as to what it means

  3. I have this reacurring dream that I am sort of blind. At the start of the dream it is like I am asleep within my dream then I wake up (to the dream) but when I try to open my eyes only one opens and most of it is covered with black swirling clouds that I can’t see out of. The small bit of light that I can see is unfocused and hazy. I try to bring my vision into focus but it just stays the same and I feel an overwhelmingly panicked. And that’s all of the dream.

      1. I have this same dream experience it can be stressful wanting to see what’s happening but the harder I try to open my eyes the light gets lighter and more unbearable

  4. Dreamt our family home was haunted. Before i knew there was something weird. Random little red rodent like animals came rushing through the house periodically, changing the colours of things around them. And its almost like nobody listened to or believied what i was saying. After a while i realised that something was influencing the family to te overlook these events. I tried to get everybody out sister brother and mother. And everytime i got everybody out of the house into the car someone had some or other pointless reason for going back.. After struggling further to get everybody out and everyone was ready i realised whatever was influencing the family. Blinded me as i was leaving. I struggled in blindness with this entity till i woke up.

  5. In my dream i was about to cross a rod walking and in the middle i got blind i mean i cant open my eyes its hard for me but i cross the road .
    And then there is also another road ..

  6. I dreamt that my eyes got burnt obscuring my vision, it were my partner and my sister with me at the time, my partner made no attempt in helping me, supporting or comforting me intact he became distant, my sister came to me and was doing her best to help me

  7. I dreamt I went home from work and my son came home afterwards me,when I looked outside to see him I could not see,i was blind but he came home with nine spirit brings.he got into the house and I was a ski g him to take me to the hospital where I work but he refused to help me.

  8. I dreamt I went to a place with my sister and my boys I wasn’t blind straight away but slowly became blind I needed help and my sister and boys where more than helpful. Over the last 20 years I have had similar dreams like this.

  9. I had a dream of four of my friends and I were all waiting at mine (house changes like it’s half mine and half made up) and we planned on going camping together at 1pm because we had to wait for tiarna to get to mine and leave.
    I had a nap before Tiarna could get to mine and I woke up blind and was wondering where everyone was. I gained my sight again and discovered my friends have left me behind from what my mum and dad told me.
    I then was talking to my brother and step cousin about this and they said it was pretty not okay for them to do that and I found myself when I was talking to them that I have been washing the dishes naked the whole time.

  10. In my dream I was in my office where I feel asleep. It is square and dimly lit. Upon waking (in the dream) it seemed that all of the walls had ran together. And at a certain distance anything I was touching became invisible, shimming and transparant. I screamed for help and a coworker came to help me. No matter what I did I could not get to her. It was like the floor between me and what I thought must be the door was infinite. Finally my alarm woke me up and then I began working.

  11. My twin brother committed suicide 9 weeks ago & since then (when I do manage to sleep) I keep dreaming I’ve gone blind ! He comes to me in my dream hugs me & tells me everything is going to be ok . I see him clearly but nothing else . I wake up in a real state of panic & it takes ages for me to calm down . Please can anyone tell me WHY I dream this horrid nightmare 🙁 .

    1. Well, he was your twin, so he must’ve had your back. So, when you are blind in the dream, of course he’s there to make everything better. And, since you see him and nothing else, that may mean you feel alone without him or that he was the only one you could count on. I don’t know your personal life or anything, but that’s what I thought. Hope it helps at all

  12. I had a dream about being with friends but then I turn blind when reaching for a biscuit in a biscuit box and I can’t choose the one I like because I can’t see so I have to guess. I think this is related to how I can’t feel things in my day to day life I don’t know if I enjoy things because I’m numbed out, I’m disconnected from my feelings due to recurrent trauma during my childhood. I like how my sense of feeling, my ability to feel is represented as something as basic as eye sight in my dream. And how in my daily life I can’t figure out what I like doing, what I enjoy doing with my time because I can’t really feel pleasure. In my day to day life I can’t see what biscuit I’m reaching for until I’ve already bitten it and realised i don’t like it

  13. I had a dream that a doctor told me I would eventually go blind. Could be years though. The next day I woke up with blurry vision (still dreaming). I could see but when I looked in the mirror there was a black film forming over my eyes and my vision was obscured. The doctor recommended a treatment that would make me blind permanently but assure no other damage. I told him I wanted to see as long as I could. I still had some vision. I believed in God and he could heal me. I then asked my son and family to just sit in front of me because they were the last thing I want to remember seeing. I got woke up so that is all I remember.

    Horrible dream seemed so real.

  14. I kept losing my peripheral vision and it would slowly turn from my peripherals being “blank” to not being able to see anything at all then my vision would return momentarily and it would begin to fade out again, each time fading quicker and vision taking longer to return until it eventually didn’t return at all. I decided I was having a stroke in my dream and insisted my husband help and call 911 but he didn’t hear me or believe me or want to help or something because he just continued on as if every thing were normal.

  15. I woke up and i had the scariest dream, I was blind. I wasn’t all the way blind , it was when I tried to open my eyes I couldn’t see anything but light. I was on a scary adventure with these two other people . There was monsters and emotions. At the end , someone gave their life for me too see . Then everything was happy and normal again. By the way , in the dream we had moved into a new house

  16. In my dream I was blind and could not see anything. But I could hear. It was as if I was living life blind and was overjoyed when I woke up and could see. It seemed so real because in this dream there was only voices talking to me and nothing else. I honestly thought I went blind.