Business Success in Dream

A dream of business success signifies issues and the frustrations that are associated with the limitations in the dealings of running your business in the conscious part of your waking life. It is an indication of your high aptitude to succeed and overcome obstacles in operating your business. Alternatively, the dream may be an analogy of the success of your business and your content to have finally successfully execute and accomplish your own goals and objectives.

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2 thoughts on “Business Success in Dream”

  1. I had a very vivid dream last night, obviously the last dream of the night as I woke up immediately after this dream first thing in the morning.

    This dream was about me being a partner in a fledgling shipping/delivery/courier type business, with a lot of extra hours and overtime to help get the business started. There was a lot of warehouse work, transport and logistics, picking up and delivering shipments to airports, managing delivery staff, and meeting with clients (i.e. business development and marketing). The key point in the dream was that after all of our hard work and extra hours we (as a company) had finally reached a point where we were hugely successful, and we “made it” as a viable business. There was a call for a celebration, which is what we were doing when I woke up.

    Although I was a courier driver early in my life, I have not worked in this business in well over 34 years, so it was somewhat surprising to have a dream specifically about this type of work; however, I’m also aware that the specifics of the dream may have less to do with the message than the general type of dream itself; hence, my visit here.

    I have also been desperately trying to find work for the past 14 months and am now on my last legs before I may have to give up and just try to do something else. Currently, I’m virtually homeless and living off of the charity of friends, but I have also never given up and continued to search for work, and have had some success attracting some interest in my services, and have had a few interviews recently. So I would rather not give up and just do something entirely different, at least not yet as I have a few financial obligations to meet first, but of course I’m certainly open to a new direction once I have put my financial problems behind me.

    The good news here though is that I actually have a major interview today for a contract type role that not only requires my exact background and experience, but it could easily get me back on my feet financially in a relatively short period of time too, so this much is both exciting and gives me a lot of hope. As this “interview” is today, and my very clear and potentially prophetic dream was early this morning, I immediately (rightly or wrongly) started to feel that my dream was connected to my potential success after this interview.

    So what does last night’s dream mean? Should it be taken literally and I should perhaps be looking for work in the transport/logistics business, or should it be taken generally and view this as perhaps a sign that I have perhaps finally reached a turning point in my life where I can start to succeed and rebuild my life?

    Or should this dream be interpreted entirely differently, and simply as a psychological reflection of my hopes and desires, and not about any direction or career choice?

    Thank you