Car Crash in Dreams

Dreaming of a car crash represents losing control of your life. You may have attained wealth and success at a phenomenal speed, but right now your life is going out of control and may come to a crashing halt.

Slow down a moment to evaluate the deals and relations that remain strong to help you overcome these obstacles. Then you will survive this car crash dream and come out stronger.

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One thought on “Car Crash in Dreams”

  1. I’ve had this dream many times, and it is always vivid.

    I’m driving down a familiar road, where the car is travelling at a constant speed where I am not able to speed up nor slow down. No matter what I do with the gas pedal, it is just moving. Knowing the road with its turns, I freak out because I want to slow down before crashing the car into something, but I never do.

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that I always wake up before crashing the car.