Chased in Dreams

The fear of being chased in dreams stems from real life anxieties. Have you committed an attrocious act that you are hidding from everyone and scared of being found? You are running away at the same time being chased in your dream, because it is instinctive to avoid being caught. There is a lot of pressure on you to keep avoiding the issues at work or your relationships.

If you continue to have these being chased dreams very often, seek out a person you can trust and discuss with them how you can confront the issues at hand. There is no need to keep feeling vulnerable every night you fall asleep.

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2 thoughts on “Chased in Dreams”

  1. i had a dream that i was layin in the back of a truck & ppl were throwing dead bodies in there. i was hiding from them seeing me alive. one did see me & i was pushing the bodies at them to get away. i ran off and they chased me with guns. i woke up & was out of breathe. very scared. but evrytime i fell back to sleep i ended up back in that same exact dream. what does this mean?

  2. when I was younger I used to have dreams that scarecrows would chase me and my mother would try hurting me. I would have these dreams almost every night and I don’t know what the meaning of them where. It would scare me so bad that I couldn’t go to sleep and I would see scarecrow shadows.