Darkness in Dreams

Darkness in dreams symbolizes uncertainty and confusion ahead. This suggests that you are in a situation where you are confused which path to choose. There is no clear choice on which path to choose. You are torn between different paths and different choices in your life. It is unclear yet as to which direction is best for you. Darkness can also symbolize a mental block or emotional block. You cannot think properly and you do not know what to do. Your mind is stuck in a cloud of darkness and you cannot see ahead. Emotionally, you could be torn between what is right morally and what is right ethically. Your emotions are mixed at the moment but they will unravel soon. You should look for clarity at this moment and seek for clearer skies.

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One thought on “Darkness in Dreams”

  1. i have dreamed that i was in a dark place more like a parking place and then i went to hide i don’t know why, then there was a power cut and i sow something broke more like a mop, then in my dream i saw my self in the bed holding the broken peace of the mop the top one….

    very weird