Dating in Dreams

Who are you dreaming about dating? The important thing to remember from your dating dream is who was involved and what activities were in it. A lot of the dating dream signifies the person important to your heart, and you care about them enough to think about them even in your dreams. This is the person you are truly attracted to and very fond of.

It could also be a memories of a person that you liked and haven’t seen in a while. Then pick up the phone and call them to see what they are up to. May be, by an off chance, they have been thinking of you also. The mind works in miraculous ways.

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One thought on “Dating in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream where I was on a date with someone I knew and that there was another person where I saw had a checklist.
    We went from dining in a restaurant to walking at a park holding hands. But I had a clear awareness that it was all a dream and that I was partially able to control it.