Dreaming in Dreams

Dreaming in dreams means there is something important bothering you and your brain is stressing its importance by putting you in several cycles of dreams. When you become aware that you are dreaming, the dream usually starts over as you dream the action of “waking up” but in reality your brain has set you up for another dream. To be aware you are dreaming or to be sure you are truly awake; studies have shown that during dreams, lights cannot be turned off or on and you are unable to tell time. Problems in life that bothers you of that you brush off and consider insignificant is being converted into the problems in your dream and by dreaming of dreaming, your brain is telling you it is significant.

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One thought on “Dreaming in Dreams”

  1. a while ago now….I was dreaming that I was at a friends house and we were chatting….her boyfriend came over and they were cooking me mashed potato…..in the dream I went to bed and again was dreaming of my friend in the Australian outback (she was aboriginal), then I wake from the dream in the dream and tell my friend that I had a dream about her and then the 1st dream ended. so I was having a dream in my dream. Whats that.