Driving Drunk in Dreams

Alcohol is often used to numb our senses when we want to evade harsh reality or pain. Dreaming of yourself drunk and operating a vehicle in your dreams symbolizes that things are spiraling out of your control. You lack definite answers and are confused on what you want to do. Drunk driving in your dream can reflect that you feel like you are treading on dangerous roads since your vision and judgment is marred and you are not able to make sensible decisions.

On the other hand, driving drunk in your dream can represent that you feel indifferent about your surroundings and just wish to move ahead, regardless of the consequences. Thus, it is very important for you to wake up and realize the dangers you can bring upon yourself and others. Reflect upon your actions and seek help if needed.

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7 thoughts on “Driving Drunk in Dreams”

  1. I have recently split up with my partner in real life. In the dream I had driven to a petrol station and was leaving for work but had forgotten my work bag so turned back. When I got near home I was suddenly on a different road going to a chip shop. Next i was in the fish and chip shop eating chips, but realised I had no money to pay for them so I left to go home to get some money. Before I left I had to drink a litre of larger and knew I would be intoxicated. I ended up leaving to go home and get some money (to pay for the fish and chips) but again I didn’t end up going home but instead followed my ex partner to his new home. I didn’t feel drunk at this point. His mum and brother were there and they were either ignoring me or ridiculing me. When I got to my ex partners new home I was decorating and making it livable and was feeling really drunk, at this point him and his family were being really rude, then they all left. It seemed like the next morning when I left the new house and my ex partner was asleep in his new bed. I was driving home but still felt really drunk. I woke up.

  2. It was current date I was driving my truck on the freeway drunk. I didn’t want to drive because I felt out of. Ontrol but every time I slammed on the brakes I was really slamming on the gas peddle!!! I looked at the speedometer it was over 100 mph. I tried to slow down again because I seen paramedics cops and ambulance vehicles in the middle of the road. I started to slowdown but I crashed I to the back of the ambulances. I got out looked at my truck and the front end was smashed but not as bad as I thought it would have been since I was still going fast. Three men , I think one cop and 2 paremedics took me in a van. I was upset and I was apologising for wrecking their vehicle. Then I was telling them I was going to jail and my life is ruined. They started laughing and told me I wasn’t going to jail. So I asked them “where I’m i going then?” They said “your dead!” I freaked out and said” I don’t feel dead. “And they allowed me to tho k that for a short time I believed it too. Then they said your not dead. . I woke up.

  3. Last night I dreamt I was driving drunk, hit a cop car that was also driving and kept going. I had this dream three times last night, each time varied the surroundings but the same thing happened. Drove drunk, hit a cop car, ran. Every time the officer would chase but never catch me. In my third dream I remember trying to keep my composure and thinking, there can’t be anymore cops. When I start passing a row of cops all going the same direction as me accidentally hit the back of one of their cars and try to run again. This cop also chases me but I woke up.

  4. Some girlfriends and I went out to a bar. I am always the designated driver, but in my dream I am driving with a drink in my hand. I am scared that I am drinking and driving. My car swerves into a ditch, and all I am worried about is not spilling my drink. What does this mean? I am very responsible when I am the designated driver for the night where I would only drink juice and water at the bar.

  5. It was night i was on a bike just pulling in to the left lane and i realized i needed to go straight when it was clear to me i hadnt started driving before i thought abput it. So i turned left and i was going so fast i ran a red to make another left when i noticed a cop in a van to my right as i drifted through the red light to make a left. Then i lost control of my bike snd totaled it in a dirt patch off the road. I got on foot and ran away from ny bike hid in the backyards of a subdivision hoping the copps would go away. In tht time i layed low thinking then called a friend britt to get her advice n she told me my sis was wondering where I was if i was ok. I came out onto tge street while tlking to her i guess to see if it was clear when a pedestrian told me there were 2 undercovers in that car accross the intersection. I was like.. o no im caught. I told my friend to let my sis know n i took a step accross the street when thet both came out and declared i was under arrest. I surrendered and they told me what my charges were, drunk driving million dollar bail lol 16 days in jail.

  6. My dream took place in daytime. I was driving with my older brother sitting next to me. I knew I was drunk and probably shouldn’t be driving but we had somewhere to go. And we were already running late. I believe we were at a stop because I remember pressing the accelerator but I pressed too hard and the steering wheel got out of my control. As soon as I did that I noticed the cops on the left of me and knew I was in trouble. I tried to speed up but ended up pulling over instead. They have me a citation and I was not allowed to drive. As soon as that was over I sneaked into the car again and drove. That is where I woke up

  7. In my dream it was New Years Eve and I was at a party I left following the owner of the house who was driving a motor cycle. I didn’t think I was that drunk, before I knew it I hit a “checkpoint” and I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt. Some how there weren’t any cops at the checkpoint. I quickly started my car and kept driving. My current boyfriend for over a year was not seen in the dream which is odd because I would never drive drunk, he always drives me. In the dream I was hoping I would just wake up and it would have only been a nightmare.