Driving in Dream

When you are driving in a dream, it could signify you are running away from your problems or going towards a goal. More often than not, dreamers are driving towards a goal to attain wealth and fortune, or the desire to meet up with someone.

Dreams about driving is the act of follow through in your waking life because driving is such an important aspect of getting tasks done.

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One thought on “Driving in Dream”

  1. i had a dream i was driving my car with my sister with me! there was tarffic under my house i waited to see what is casuing ths traffic i my turn came and i saw a big truck with mud in and workers working on renouvating a school’s wall then rocks fell down one hit my car but nothinghappemed to my car.. i asked the worker to be carefull he told the other workers to be carefull on my car so they watched out! what doest his mean coz it is based on isitkhara!
    thank u