Drowning in Water Dream

To envision yourself drowning in water means that you feel like you are suffocating under the stress and pressures of every day life. At this point, you may be going through periods of unhappiness. Water is considered the essence of life. However, to see yourself drowning in your dream indicates the hardships of your life is slowly taking a command over your body, dragging you down into the profound depths of the abyss.

In order to remedy this, you must learn to cope and free yourself from the grasp of your problems. It is either sink or swim.

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9 thoughts on “Drowning in Water Dream”

  1. I had a dream that I walked to my backyard and a boro worker was pumping water into my backyard. Then he disappeared and a couple showed up. The man started playing with the pump and will he was doing that I looked around the yard. I seen my favorite car and other thing I’ve wanted and would like. Then an explosion the guy messing with pump broke it and we couldn’t stop it and water started coming fast. I grabbed a branch and held on but he got swept away as my head started going under and woke up

  2. I had this strange dream; me and my boyfriend driving and planning to go ahead into waterfall it was raining heavy and later than that we got into a place. great views and water to swim on. Its kinda strange because I find it quite not exactly the place, we took some hour to stay when water flows too fast then we are about to get drown luckily we get up and escape and drove away from the place. We left our belongings, I suggest to go back and get our things back. He drive back on the same direction then in my surprise that its not the place we’ve been through. Its a different place a man entertain us and ask us fee to get in.

  3. I had a dream where I was extremely sad and all of a sudden I drown myself in the ocean and don’t swim up. I just keep going down and die. I am than dead but all of a sudden am a different person on a ship and I hear everyone devastated that the real me is dead and I want to tell them I am not dead but I can’t seem to.

  4. My dream kept transitioning alot but this is one of the many transitions….I was surfing with someone and they kept talking then we were sitting on our boards a squid tries to attack the person I laugh and tell her not to worry then I hear a voice mention my ex next thing I know I am drowning in the ocean no one can hear me or see me I kept struggling then I wake up panicked and scared heart racing

  5. I have a recurring dream that I am drowning. Often it is from a flood or tsunami and I am scared or I am in blue water breathing in the water but knowing I’m going to die. I also dream of a hand holding my head down under murky water but I am not fighting back. I often awake with a start when dreaming I’m inhaling the water. Why is this a common theme in my dreams?

  6. I saw a dream in which I was on a boat and I had a fish (shark) enclosed in a cover. The fish tried to escape and during this it threw me out. I was thrown in ocean but I reached a wall and I hold it. I was very frightened and called for help. One of my brother who can’t swim jumped in water to save me. When I saw him I was worried that he can’t swim. On the other side of wall 2 uncles of one of my close friend were standing. One of them came to help me and hold my hand. During this time my brother managed to reach me and when my brother reached it was not my younger brother it was my elder brother who can swim and he was happy to see me safe and turned back.

  7. I had a dream a few nights ago where I committed suicide by putting a backpack filled with weights and jumping off some kind of structure into the water. I remember being embarrassed because I left some personal items lying around. I experienced the whole thing, fighting to stop breathing in the water, then finally letting go and breathing in the water slowly. I know that I died, but that is when I woke up.

  8. What I read helped a little but I want to know if the dream I had about drowining, I let myself drown not wanting help or getting help

  9. My dream last night had me in water with my friend, she was able to easily get out of the water but I was dragged under by a strong and quick current. I struggled to find my way out and swim to the shallower area where I was previously in next thing I know I was under the water, it was dark and murky I couldn’t see anything I constantly tried to find the surface of the water but no matter where I looked I couldn’t find the surface then I ran out of breath and basically gave up on my life being to tired from struggling I just gave up on everything. I breathed in the water as if to just kill myself but instead of dying I woke up into another dream sweating and out of breath….I couldn’t tell if I died or if I survived…I just know I was terrified.