Existentialism in Dreams

Existentialism in Dreams is related to your personality and your view on life. Existentialists are highly related towards the power of the self, and the power of the individual. In your dreams, you may be affiliated with such characters from the books or movies, and it usually means that you have to re-evaluate your role in life. You’re probably living in the bad essential principles that the Existentialists consider “bad faith”. This is your mind telling you that you need to become a different person, that the way you’re living now is not representative of who you really are. That you’re hiding your true self in fear of not fitting into society.

You should be aware of who you are constantly, and live your life for yourself and no one else. Be able to see and recognize the way you see yourself. Only you know yourself and no one can tell you who you are, so you have to decide for yourself.

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