Exotic Car in Dreams

A dream about exotic cars symbolize a desire to live life adventurously and luxuriously in a fast-paced mindset. It is a correlation between your conscious life and your yearning to leave a subtle and blunt life behind and to break into to a stage of no limitations and boundaries.

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2 thoughts on “Exotic Car in Dreams”

  1. Had sex with a girl i like (i know her) in an exotic car in my dream.. we don’t speak anymore but we used to be close what does this mean?

  2. Me and my family moved house but for some reason it was just me and my friend there and for some reason i knew the street where we lived in my dream but dont know it in real life and so many exotic cars and i mean rare supercars like ferrari enzo worth 1million (black) and maserati mc12 worth 1.6million they where at the end of the street where my house was and they didnt really move its like they came and parked up but i cant remember the 1st car(there was 3) btw the house was really nice it was like the sort of thing i wanted