Flying in Dreams

Flying in a dream, and not necessarily in an airplane, is all about freedom without boundaries. This outwardly body experience allows the dreamer to be able to navigate to different places of desire. It fulfills the human desire to travel or escaping danger.

The dream of flight can also be influenced by fantasy visuals depicted by television, books and stories.

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3 thoughts on “Flying in Dreams”

  1. As a lucid dreamer, I find it amazing to have a flying dream. I can control where I go, how far, who I see along the way…it’s pure freedom. I always wake up the next morning feeling like I’ve had the best sleep of my life. And as you know, since I can control my dream, I’m able to go from a flying dream to one fulfilling sexual desires or vice versa. Anyone can lucid dream, it just takes practice. Try it!

  2. Forgot to mention that when coming downwards in the dream, I do sense a little fear of coming down in a high speed or falling on the ground but I tend to control myself and that fear has never woken me up.

    I have had such dreams even when I was not free from all kinds of problems or tense situations in life.

  3. Hi,

    I have seen myself flying in dreams. Such dreams come occassionally but have now come so many times that I was thinking whether there is a meaning of it? It happens like I am some where as in a normal dream BUT I can fly, I mean not exactly like Superman and not like a bird. Its just like I can raise myself from ground to the roof of any building, or cross high walls and it seems normal in the dream and I know in the dream that I have this gifted power.