Going on a Date in Dreams

When one sets up a scheduled date with another, there will always be some sort of anxiety and excitement. You may feel infatuated or like the other person and want to get to know them better through a date. Thus, to dream of yourself going on a date reflects your anxious feelings and fear of potential rejection. You are scared that the other person will not willingly accept certain aspects of you when they get to know you better. Try to have more confidence in yourself. At the same time, treat this date as a journey of discovery, both of the other person and yourself. You may find hidden abilities and information about yourself that you tend to overlook. Sometimes, it is very hard to see things related to us when we may be biased in our opinions.

Seeing yourself on a date represents your desire to spend more time with a certain person in your life. You want to make progress and build a relationship with the other, whether it may be a romantic or physical relationship

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5 thoughts on “Going on a Date in Dreams”

  1. In my dream, I was in a hotel setting and I was supposed go on a date with a guy next door to me but I saw another girl go into that door with him. Instead I went into my door (my room) and I saw Harry Styles go into my room. When I went inside, he sweet talked on the floor and he suggested that we go on a real date. So we got up, packed some stuff and started leaving. But we never left the room. I kept packing and packing and he kept doing the same. Then I woke up.

  2. I dreamt of being on a date with Paul Macartney. He wanted to take me out and I agreed only if he took me on a tour of Liverpool. He agreed. He held my hand. But it was impossible as he kept being swamped by fans. Some of the fans were rude to me some ignored me. Macca however was very attentive and dealt with it all fine

  3. Earlier i woke from a very vivid dream. It started with me looking up at a very handsome man lovingly staring at me. He had tattoos on his thick arms (he was in a black suit but didn’t roll up his sleeves, I know I’ve seen his tattoos before.) he had a pleasent, comfortable, familiar energy to him. I had been holding his hand, rubbing his knee and putting my head on his shoulder and talking to him about things that only he would’ve known if I had been around him for a long time. I believe his mom drove us back to his house then she asked me if I was going to spend the night there, this was the point I became conscious in the dream, and I responded “I’m going to stay but not spend the night.” And they both looked at me like a deer in the headlights, but we both walked out to the kitchen & I woke up. I felt fulfilled after the dream. I was also a bit older in the dream, im 21 now and it seemed like this man was late twenties to early thirties.

    Mind you in my waking life, I have never had a serious relationship, just flings. An ex-co-worker of mine wanted to hang out with me for the day, I cancled because I’m not attracted to him but I know how he feels towards me. I won’t lead on another kid, I’m done playing games and I’m trying to get my life in tact. Thoughts on what my dream might be telling me?

  4. A coworker of mine that I really like recently told me that I was in one of her dreams. In the dream I was taking her on a dinner date and we were walking holding hands. What does it mean? We are currently both in other relationships but we choose spend a lot of time together at work and go to lunch together often. Not sure if she likes me as a friend or more and was wondering if her dream may indicate more.


    1. Atlas,

      Your coworker likes you enough to dream about spending personal time with you. Unfortunately it is not that easy as you both are in relationships, and those boundaries should be respected unless you both feel so strongly about each other to cross the line.

      One of our greatest regrets are the chances we don’t take in life.