Graduation in Dreams

When you’re graduating in a dream, whether it be a past graduation, or an upcoming one, it symbolizes a change and a growth you feel. Graduating is about a time in your life where you leave behind the old and confront the new. You’re becoming more mature and you’re heading towards new things within your life. New doors are about to be open and a change is about to come. Graduation also means a wanting to move on within your life. If you’re stuck in the past, and you need to progress forward, your mind is telling itself that it’s time to grow up and make life changing decisions.

The best thing to do is to embrace this new change and allow it to take you in. Just remember that when one door closes, a new one opens.

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22 thoughts on “Graduation in Dreams”

  1. hi in a dream i was wearing a yellow graduation gown and i was happy and celebrating my family and friends were there with me

  2. On this night I dreamed that me and my sister were offered a chance to graduate early because we had finished our required courses in our major. In the dream I declined I said was unprepared and I still wanted to coutine with my outstanding 27 course. My sister however was happy and take the chance to graduate. What is my subconscious trying to tell me?

  3. I dream that it was granulation practice and I was coming in the class I as the teacher for my name but she said no but the she said here it goes I took my cap and gown but I had a little girl with me which was my daughter my first born then I starting singing christen song a soldier in the army of the lord and the girl next to me said I did not you can sing.. Wonder what this dream is telling me

  4. I dream last night was. I am crying on the day of my graduation I am on the stage and looking at my parents while crying shout out loudly . MAMA PAPA I MADE IT!.. loudly crying

  5. So I was having a dream, which usually I rember many aspects of my dreams.

    Yet, this time I had just spoken with one of my family members either my aunt( moms sister who adopted me) or my mom. It was stated that they were running behind and would not make it on time.

    I was in the front of the line and we were headed on stage, that’s when I looked out to the audience and saw my mother, the same aunt mentioned prior, and sister. I begin to cry tears of joy. It was my graduation. Then I abruptly woke up.

  6. I dreamt being in a graduation classroom with my current boyfriend having physical features(only) of my ex boyfriend. It was his birthday. The teacher in the classroom was my hostel warden.
    In reality I and my boyfriend are in different colleges and are pursuing different courses and are in a long distance relationship 🙁

  7. Had a dream last night that I was participating as some sort of pagegirl, holding the robes of a professor who once taught me at university, during a graduation procession.

  8. I graduated from high school last year. I had been going to the same high school for three years and on my last year we ended moving away and I graduated with a different class entirely. Well my dreams lately consist of me going back and graduating with my original classmates and teachers, even though in my dreams in well aware we’ve all already graduated.

  9. Hi
    My dream was that I was trying to get to the graduation ceremony. I was gathering up all my things, like clothing for example it was a college campus sort of setting. I thought that there was time to arrive early but I kept wasting time and at the exact time of my arrival everybody was leaving. Also, I remember that while packing the clothing I noticed that someone stole a big part of it. I have been thru a big change in my life, I think that the meaning of the dream is important, will really appreciate any help , so thanks in advance and best regargs.

  10. I had a dream my brother, his wife and the kids came over unannounced.They knocked on the door.When I opened it and saw my oldest nephew standing next to his parents. I noticed Cesarito (my nephew) was wearing a black cap and gown. I let them in and I gave him a big hug and started crying. As I was doing that he told me thank you.

  11. I had a dream that I was walking with my class and I had on my graduation gown and I was carrying my cap. I approached this lady and I told her , “the sad thing is , is that I’m not graduating”.This passed june I had to finish high school in this summer school out here in Nevada because I was moved from my foster home in California. When I attended this summer school i was told that in order to get my diploma I had to get my credits(classes) that I needed & also take Nevada’s four state mandated proficiency exams. So a week or two later they started giving free classes to the kids like me who needed to prep for the exams. The next week I went to take all four of the tests the only exam I guessed on was the science because im not really excellent in that subject. So at the end of July my test scores came in and I found out I didn’t pass the science proficiency so unfortunately I couldn’t participate in the Summer Graduation on August 23rd. So next month I have to go back and retake my exam and when I passed they’ll distribute my diploma. There won’t be a graduation untill june 2017 for the next graduating class.

  12. I had a dream that I was walking with my class and I had on my graduation gown and I was carrying my cap. I approached this lady and I told her , “the sad thing is , is that I’m not graduating”.

  13. I’m graduating next year after moving countries and having to take senior year twice.
    I dreamt that I graduated in my old school, and that I really wanted to; in the last hour or two I decided I should go and rushed home to get decent clothes. I was aware I’m graduating next year. I graduated in a church. My favorite singer was coming to the graduation. It didn’t seem as an exciting graduation overall however. A teacher drove me home so I get my clothes.

  14. I continue to have ‘nightmares’ about my past high school graduation. [my graduation in reality went great] however, in the case of my nightmares it’s always the same problem: It’s graduation day and I am running late due to not having my gown. I either never ordered it or I lost it and I’m struggling to find my own gown of the same color so I can make it to the ceremony. I never make it in time and then I wake up. All I remember feeling is so much regret and disappointment and desperation. What does this mean? How do I make these dreams stop?

  15. This is a bit of a random one. Im 23, graduated from college and have a girlfriend. I had a dream that I kissed a girl I haven’t seen in ages who I use to fancy in secondary school, we were at our graduation and it was outside but it was a religious ceremony. As I was going to take my seat at the back I slipped and fell and everyone turned and everyone turned and laughed at me but I wasn’t embarrassed I just laughed with them. If you could interpret this dream that would be great. Thanks.

  16. In my dream I was graduating, I had church members and family at the graduation. I remember I was the third person to come down the aisle in a white dress but can’t remember what type of graduation it was.

  17. In my dream i was not the graduating class but i was still apart of the ceremony. The 8th graders were graduating but the 7th graders were apart of it as well. The teacher was a lady who I’ve only known for a lil over a year at work. She was never an actual teacher of mine but she was my teacher in my dream. She represented something or someone else. When i woke up (in my dream) and noticed that all the other girls were gone I asked her where was the rest of the girls. She just looked at me as if nothing was wrong and answered they went to graduation.

  18. I had a dream where I visited my college alma mater. I was summoned to the dean’s office where he looks at me solemnly and says, “I am so sorry to tell you, but the institution did not do you right. We will be correcting that today.” Before I could ask details, he presents me with a new black doctoral robe. The robe’s velvet panels and chevrons were lined with interlaced silver and gold as where the lining of the hood and the hood was black velvet. From a distance, the linings shown as a moving spectrum of brilliant color. As I put the robe and hood on, the dean asks me to wait patiently until my name is called. Then I woke up.

  19. I had a dream wereby i forgot or should i say didnt know of the exact date of my graduation. As a result i ended up searching for the date on the internet then found out that it was in the next two days. I got worried about who will make it to my graduation ,about cloths,hair and even nails. All of a sudden the day came and had nothing smart to wear so i wore my simple jeans and pumps least had the gown.. Now i woke up before getting to the actually ceremony.

  20. I dreamed that I was at my high school graduation and I was the only one with out a cap and gown. In the midst of trying to borrow one I miss mh name to go across stage. A teacher then goes up on stage and embarrasses me for missing my chance to walk across the stage. At the end on the dream I’m fighting to get my diploma and no one would give it to me. I ask my dad to help me and he walks away. What does this dream mean, keeping in mind I graduated high school 3 years ago ?

    1. I had a dream about attending a master’s program which i did continue after registration. However, when my promotion was gtaduating my name was among. When i went for a gown, i failed to locate the office where gowns were distrubuted