Hiding in Dreams

Hiding in a dream is a sign of fear and tension between you and the real world. When you sleep, your mind creates scenarios that are more preferable to your liking. The mind likes to feed and stimulate your senses by giving you all the things you want in your dreams that may not be possible in real life. Likewise, the mind can create scenarios in dreams that may not be expresses in your physical being. When you’re hiding in your dream your mind is covering and sheltering you from problems that you may have to deal with in the future, or currently dealing with. This can be related to stressful situations where you want to hide and neglect your responsibilities or from actual fear itself. Your mind is re-enacting what your body wants, which is to hide from the real world and be free from what ever is bothering you.

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3 thoughts on “Hiding in Dreams”

  1. I had a dream that The enemy soldiers were coming and we feared being shot. I’m Franticly finding a good hiding spot. But My friend told others of me wanting to find A place to hide. I’m now afraid someone will tell on us.

  2. I had a dream that we were in a war and they were coming . My friend betrayed me by telling others of our trying to escape being captured by hiding and hopefully we would be left behind and not sold or shot. My plan has been compromised.

  3. I had a running dream last night, a running away dream, and that’s what i really want to do, i just want to run away from it all right now! I just moved in with my parents, into their house, in some southern state, all the way from lawrence kansas, from a cute little apartment, called eagle ridges apartments, and although i really liked those cute little apartments at eagle ridges, in lawrence kansas, my life and health (health and life) were going to crap there for the last two years, and i know that my life my was going to crap for the last two years, it’s just that i really don’t like moving is all, (moving sucks!) and now i’m living with my parents, in some southern state, and i’m not so sure i want this situation either! (i’m not so sure about this whole situation either, and i just want to run away!) i just want to run away from here now too!