Lightning in Dream

Lightning in a dream represents chaos and lack of structure within ones life. When it rains in a dream, it represents subtlety, peace, and order. But lightning in rain is a disruption of peace and is and uninvited guest. This symbolizes a problem that you’re facing at the moment in life. That your life is having random bits of chaos that you can’t really deal with at the moment. You’re feeling flustered and there are problems in your life that is affecting the way you preform and the way you function throughout the day.

The best thing to do is to try and solve your problems one at a time, with lightning it’s displaces and unpredictable. So you have to take things slow and as you solve your problems one at a time, the clouds will go away and the sun will shine on you.

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2 thoughts on “Lightning in Dream”

  1. I had a dream about a man I’ve been in love with. I know it’s gonna sound crazy. This was a few nights ago I think. Anyways, in my dream I’ll jsut say we where doing adult stuff it was very physical, but I saw this lightening bolt between us. What could that mean?

  2. I woke up in the middle of the night. I went to the window as left my drink there. Knowing me I think what if there is a spirit out there so I stare for about 3 seconds . I jumped back as I didn’t wanna scare myself. But then I had another sneek peek out the window. I was about to dose off I woke up with white flashing lights and loud noises of thunder I felt paralyzed. I managed to wake my self up . However this happened again. After the second time I was reluctant to fall asleep again. On the final time on seeing lighting, I saw I boy in corridor with still the thunder and lightning. However I feel I saw him because I was trying to scare my self. Is this true, does it mean something??