Locking Doors in Dream

The act of locking doors in your dreams indicate you are shutting yourself off from friends and family. You choose privacy and distance to protect yourself. However, this approach continues to haunt you because you are not able to solve these troubles on your own as you lock the closed doors in the dreams. Take a step back, and unlock the doors, let others see your weakness and guide you through troubled times.

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6 thoughts on “Locking Doors in Dream”

  1. I dreamt of me going to the toilet and my ex partner tried to bang and open the door so I lock the door with the 2 locks and he still tried to get in the door was very hard and dark brown and I was locked in the toilet

  2. In my dream…I was in a very large house… Making sure every door was locked..there was lots of locks ….thank you.x

  3. What does it mean when you dream of trying to hold doors shut from scary things and struggling to hold the door shut and locking it

  4. I was at my best friend’s house in their living room and in real life they don’t lock their doors. Like at all. So in my dream this man with red hair keeps coming into the house through the back and garage door and takes pictures of us. He scares us when he comes in since we don’t know him and I proceed to lock the door when he leaves but he keeps coming into the house and with each time he become increasingly more sneaky and creepy. He sulks around with his camera taking pictures and when we spot him he leaves. But no matter how many time I lock the door he still gets in the house. When I woke up I had extreme anxiety about it and couldn’t calm myself down, I couldn’t even do my morning workout I was so freaked out.

  5. I had a dream of being in a large house with many people in the middle or nowhere. Suddenly, a home invasion was happening so we had to lock all of the doors and even the windows (some of the windows had a serious of three or more intricate locks that took a while) and at least two attics to climb up through and locking those collapsible ladder-doors. The invaders eventually got through the windows or something that we didn’t get too yet, so we jumped out the windows, scaled the side of the building and sat on the roof until they would just leave