Losing Keys in Dreams

Keys are important objects in one’s life, for they have the ability to unlock things and divulge treasures hidden away from us. In dreams, keys may be representative of your self-identity or soul. Thus, to see yourself losing keys in a dream, it suggests that you feel like you are losing a part of yourself. What once used to be unique and individualize you from others is now lost. You fear that you are losing your current status and position in the world.

This may also be symbolic of you losing the shield that sheltered you from others since the keys to unlock this barrier are no longer in your possession. As a result, you feel vulnerable and are scared that people will take advantage of you. Losing keys in your dream may rival your feelings of losing connection with loved ones and your social network is slowly dimming down.

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5 thoughts on “Losing Keys in Dreams”

  1. you are right that i m loosing or lost my loved ones got dispute with all . else they take me wrong even if i have helped them to the depth of my heart & soul. i feel , none believes me and suspects me . i feel dejected . Find no respect. today i lost the keys and broken off the lock to enter the house. feel like to take guidance.

  2. I dreamt of myself going to an event to help out a friend with his event. When I got there I met Eunice and Mmaki( she is late in real life) and I just know them from my village. and we started talking. In the dream again I left a my boyfriend’scar at some place because I was driving it. And we were going to fetch the keys so that I could bring it back to my boyfriend. Eunice took the keys away from me and ran. I told her not to drive the car because I am coming. I was with Mamaki. When I got to that place Eunice was not there and I started looking for her. When I called her on the phone she told me that she is at the place where we left the car.

    When I go there I met few of the ladies from my home place and they told me that Eunice is not where she is saying she is. I started to be anxious and when I try to call her again her phone was off. I was shouting calling out her name and I woke up.

  3. In my dream, I lost the key to my car. I never sound it, it was still somehow able to drive the car. Then somewhere along the road I realized I didn’t have the key so I had to stop (I mean the engine just stopped) and I was without the key. It would disappear. at some point I found myself at an apartment complex with my neighbors who were home birthing a new kid. The whole time I was looking after the other kids the couple had already had, but I was constantly thinking about finding my key. The new kid was born and I went back to my apartment to find my key.

    When I got there, my aunt and mom and cousins were there and nobody would help me find the key. For some reason my mother was very caring and helpful and full of wisdom (very rare thing) and I resented my aunt. I eventually just left (we were in the middle of making tacos for dinner) to go find my key.

    Then I woke up.

  4. My cousin killed herself over a year ago. She visited me in my dream last night. I was on vacation and I ran into her sister and her friend at a concert or something. Whoever the celebrity was, in my dream we were related. We were leaving and I was really excited. I was skipping and dancing and flailing my arms in the air. I had a drink in my hand and it was spilling all over me and I didn’t care. We got to where they were staying which looked like a huge lake house and they got into a hot tub. I was all sticky so I wanted to get in too but as soon as I put my foot in I jumped right out. It was WAY too hot. It seemed to be almost boiling. Then my cousin (the one that’s no longer with us) showed up and started talking to me. She led me up some stairs to a window. It was a big window and it was high. Up to my shoulders high. I could see the tv was on inside. She pushed the window open and told me she was locked out. I asked her if she wanted me to boost her in the window and she told me no. I peeked into the window and the room was so cluttered and messy. Even the window sill was full of thick dust and small items. I saw two keys on a key ring and I picked them up. I told her she should try the keys on the door and then I dropped them through the deck and they landed under the house. My heart dropped and she assured me they wouldn’t have worked anyway. We walked back down the stairs and I shared something I remembered from when we were in high school and she smiled and laughed and then I woke up.