Lying in Dreams

Dreaming of lying is as it sounds; a sign of lying. There can be two ways of perceiving this. Dreaming of yourself lying is the habitual lying that you may undertake, to deceive someone and lead them astray from reality. Your dream of lying to someone may be the guilt you feel.

Yet, there is also someone else lying to you; of course, you will only know that it’s a lie if you know the answer already. Dreaming of someone else lying to you is the manifestation of possible anger or hurt of someone deceiving you.

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12 thoughts on “Lying in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed that my husband of 9 years had been lying to me about his past. In the dream I found out he had had several children with other women and even been briefly married to one of the women before he met me. It made me question everything I knew to be my reality and I woke up in tears. Thankful it was just a dream but I’m wondering if there’s a deeper meaning.

  2. I dreamt my partner lied about where he was and forgot what he already told me, but I had caught it out. He lied who he was seeing and went for a meal with. Kept it a secret.
    But continued to stick to the lie

  3. What does it mean for me not to able to answer in affirmation when asked if I’m in a relationship in a dream. Whereas I’m in a relationship.

  4. my dream was movie based, it played out with aspects of TV shows that i watch as well as movies… in my dream i was getting married and there was people who were after me.. i received training in forms of fighting small arms and swords.. i trained with a girl who was very talented and attractive,( not what i normally go for but very cute and a great fighter) on my wedding day i noticed that one member was not on the list and may be the one after me. ( a hired killer) the girl i was training with that i knew, we spent time together and developed feelings for, was with me at the wedding.. as we were getting ready for the day we knew that it was going to happen there.. we looked at each other and i asked her if i am making the right choice (for getting married).. she said no and we kissed and i held her( i told her how nice it would be to have a girl like that in my life)
    … but both knew that we had to do a job…. i walked over to a “friend” who was getting prepared and asked him to sharpen my sword.. ( i have plenty of real swords in my apartment i like swords…) but in my dream i knew the sword i gave him wasn’t a “real” sword.. i asked him to sharpen it but willing lied and told him my REAL sword was at my parents house… i have some great swords some functional ones but none that i could or want to use in a protection/fight… after gearing up i walked with the girl inside and told her that “I’ve seen this movie before” and it will not end with her death protecting me or getting caught and killed.. i dont like to lie its too hard to remember your lies and then keep up with them and remembering who you lied to… the truth is much easier and no drama… but my dream i willingly lied knowing that it was a lie but didnt want to use or put anyone else in harms way… i knew it was a lie even thought about it as i was saying it.. just wondering what that could mean.

  5. Having not dreamed for ages I have had two vivid dreams on 2 consecutive nights. My 1st dream was that there was water flooding my house and this had caused electrical fires. Each electrical item and plug sockets had flames coming from them. I was struggling to turn the switch on each plug socket to off. I was scared of being electrocuted because of the water but I wasn’t getting wet. Each time I managed to turn the socket switch off another socket would alight. The flames were variable from small to very large and had elements of blue, red, orange and white colours.
    My second dream is written about in the next comment on this thread.

  6. I dreamt that I posted a statement on social media. The statement was a lie about someone I didn’t know . The lie was posted on a friends page. This lie was then exposed although not my friend who never mentioned the lie. The lie about the person I didn’t know was that he didn’t really love his Grandmother (but I knew he did really love his Grandmother)
    After my lie being exposed, I didn’t feel any remorse just embarrassment at being caught lying. The person I had lied about was then in my bed with somebody else and he had seen the lie I’d written about him. I took my iPad from him & attemted to clear my name on social media . The statement had been shared & lots of people were commenting negatively about me but I still wouldn’t admit I had lied (or apologise to the young man in my bed) The young man then got out of my bed (I was sitting on the bottom of the bed) and began to look over my shoulder at what I was writing. The dream ended at this point.

  7. I dreamt my exes son (he’s 11) and I were discussing how our birthdays were both in May and how cool we thought that was. His birthday is in October.

  8. I had a dream that I made a false report to DCFS and lied about the family, address , accusation, and everything. I felt so much guilt.

  9. Hi. In my dream I had 2 boyfriends. One was a stranger who was at my place in my dream. And the other one was my real boyfriend from the real life. So I was in my dream at home with that stranger and he gave me gifts. And everybody,me too,lied to him that he is the only one for me. After that my current boyfriend appeared in my dream at my place,visiting me and they saw each other and they said I lied,and my current boyfriend was really sad in my dream.
    What do you think it means?

  10. I dreamt I went into a drugstore wearing blue acrylic nails. I deliberately tore one off as I entered the store. I was thinking I would buy one pack of acrylic nails and then steal a handful of packs to sell on the street. I shoved the items into my pocket and approached the counter to pay. The woman at the counter was very friendly and we shared a few laughs while I dug up my money. I pulled out a $26 bill and we laughed really hard about how that bill was in existence, where I got it from, who made it, etc. She gave me a receipt and before I walked away, she stopped me and said,”I saw what you did.”
    I panicked and had to come up with a lie. In response, I said, “There’s a man outside waiting for me. He made me do this and he will kill me if I don’t return to him soon.”
    She whispered, “Give me your address and I’ll save you.”
    Instead, I only said thank you and walked out of the store. There was a police officer waiting outside but was busy having a conversation with a group of people. I took off running through the city in hopes to never get caught. My question is this: I was aware of my dishonesty while I was having the dream. I was aware of myself. Is this a form of lucid dreaming? I have lucid dreams quite often and even though I wasn’t aware I was dreaming, I was aware of my own being and I was aware that I was lying. What do you think? Lucid dream or not?