Missed a Boat in Dream

Missing a boat in a dream is representative of you missing something you regret. Your subconscious is telling your mind that there was an opportunity that you missed, or a chance that you should have taken but didn’t. Your mind is acting on how you feel, because you most likely are upset at yourself for not taking this chance. The only way to let go is to come to terms with what you missed, and understand the way your life is with, and without this change.

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One thought on “Missed a Boat in Dream”

  1. I dreamt that in my dream I was schedule to leave with a cruise ship Buh then I went to pick up a girl I thought was just a friend, apparently she had feelings for me and people told me she loved me, and I liked her too. So I went back to bring her along with me and when I got there I picked her up and we started heading for the boat when it left and we couldn’t meet up with this boat and I felt angry and upset cos I had paid huge money for this trip and missed it cos I went to get her.