Paralysis in Dreams

During times of REM sleep, a person may feel immobilized and unable to move. In some ways, it is very troubling when the person becomes aware that they can’t move even though the mind is still in a dream state. At this point, they may feel panicky, but is nothing to fret greatly over. For some, they may associate this phenomenon with having a spiritual being on top of you, preventing and restricting your movements.

Dreaming that you are paralyzed can show a sign of hopelessness. You are confined to where you are and unable to move or defend yourself from anything. You rely on others for survival, for the most basic of things. Dreaming of paralysis may show your inability to perform and freeze up where you are unable to do anything for yourself. You may also feel that you are unable to express your desires and needs. Perhaps you are feeling inadequate, or not even up to par.

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2 thoughts on “Paralysis in Dreams”

  1. Well I have had the same dream plenty of times feeling PARALYZED .. Once I feel asleep with my mother next to me I had that dream again I tried to move,nd scream but I couldn’t but I could barely talk I was crying of fear , dk y . I tried screaming mom , but she saw me crying and shook me . I was very relieved . I’ve had that dream since I was 15 aim now going on 24 … But it’s been a year I haven’t had it so I pray I’m doing something good … I’ve also been able to see the time when I have the dream I’m guessing because I sleep with my eyes cracked open , and too say it’s always around 2am or 3am …… I worry about that all the time… Hmm mm

  2. I do have lately a lot of paralysed dreams, and the are very panicking and scary.. At the very last one I had forced myself to wake up I have thought that I am able to control my body and begin sending commands to my mind… the only thing I yet dont understand why does our body feel so scared why since the beginning has the urge to wake up, why cant we continue sleeping and forget about the need to wake up… I have never felt the presence of no one, I would also like to know if someone is awake at my side and sees me while I struggle to wake up… will that person see that I am having a hard time, does the face show a sign, do the eyes are really open or we think the are but actually we are imagining everything???