Party in Dreams

To dream of a party in your dreams may suggests your eagerness and enthusiasm with a upcoming event or venue. From a stressful week whether it be work or school you are looking forward to the event because you want socialize and share some of the stories and experiences with others. Alternatively, having a dream of a party indicates you are overly prudent and need to go out more.

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One thought on “Party in Dreams”

  1. I had a strange dream about a party, 3 of my closest friends or so was there.. All of the sudden I started sliding down this water type of slide, no water of course and there was like a line of college type of girls spraying me with whip cream, and everyone was happy at the end of the slide when I stood up, I was like I feel kinda drunk like I was a lightweight, I had a mixed drink in my hand, I remember in the dream thinking this is only my 3rd drink… Then I was thinking I need to have sex with a girl, I remember pulling my friend to the side saying can you help me out, which he has always said that in real life, let me help you out, anyway it could be because I am going home in a week or so for New Years. I am a guy by the way.. Also I have no idea where this was, and it was night outside of course… Everyone else were strangers..