Pop Zit in Dreams

Dreaming of popping zits means you want to look your best by removing impurities, or there’s someone you want to impress. Looking your best does not necessarily only mean your face, you may need to workout as well to sculpt your body. In addition, removing impurities start with taking care of yourself by watching what you put into your body and making sure that your bodies hormones are balanced. Once you have taken care of maintaining a better lifestyle by working out, and watching what you eat, you may be surprised that you may not be dreaming of popping zits to impress anyone when you are completely self-aware and impressed by yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Pop Zit in Dreams”

  1. Last night I dreamed about the zit on my chin. I popped it, and pull out a hair. I pulled out a few, and more came out. I don’t understand it.

  2. I dreamed that I had zits with a deep clog. I was pressing hard to make it pop. Then eventually popped the zit and mini snakes came out of the pore. Freaked me out, what does it mean?