Rain in Dreams

Rain in a dream can represent more than one thing depending on the context.

When it’s a nice and sunny day, and rain drops appear, it’s a foreshadowing of unfortunate circumstances that is to come. It represents a problem that you’re going to face within the near future, or a problem that you’re currently facing. Conquer your problems and your dreams will clear up.

When you’re in the rain, in a sense where no one is around, represents loneliness within your life. It represents how there is no one around you, and that you have no one to be with. You’re standing all alone in the rain, and no one is there.

When there’s rain and you’re looking upon it from a perspective, it means peace and subtlety within your life. There is a calm period and a time for relaxation. There is currently no problems you’re facing and you need to enjoy this time.

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2 thoughts on “Rain in Dreams”

  1. This is the second dream with rain each one a little different.
    First one my boyfriend woke up and found me sleeping in a steady rain he said come in your getting wet and I said I was OK where I was and went back to sleep.
    Second one my boyfriend and I was arguing and said you would make me sleep in the rain, so I went out to sleep under a canopy with a mattress and rain was pouring down and I was still getting wet.

  2. On 7-7-17 around 7:15p, I literally observed rain drops falling on a sunny day. I was perplexed to view this occurrence, while walking to my car. I shook the tree branches to confirm that there were no residual water deposit, which there were not. I investigate this phenomenon and could not explain it. I was able to video tape this phenomenon and now seek clarity.