Running in Dreams

In your dream when you are running, it is either towards your goal or away from your fears. The strides of the run correlates with the effort and time you put in working towards a reward. At the finish line, a good amount of fortune will be awarded to you.

However, if the running dream is troubling you, then be careful of the enemies that lurk in shadows that track your every move. Remember to keep running strong until you have escaped your fears or confront them when necessary.

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One thought on “Running in Dreams”

  1. I was running in a park and people running toward me were all smiling. All of a sudden a women behind me said don’t turn around just listen to me. if you continue to care you will be cared for, your heart will be where you want it be, all of a sudden i started singing I don’t know what i was singing but i sounded real good, it was like something came over me, the women behind me put her arms around me and said it is destiny i am yours and i’m not letting go. at that point she disappeared but i ran like i never did before I never saw her face and the voice
    kept saying the same thing it is destinty