Sex Change in Dreams

Sex change in dreams that you are not comfortable with your heterosexuality and you are uncertain about it. Someone of the same sex has gained your interest and curiosity so the heterosexuality you are accustomed to is now faltered. Heterosexuality is usually considered the “norm.” So by being someone of the opposite sex in the dream allows you to like the person of the same sex, without fear or being different.

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5 thoughts on “Sex Change in Dreams”

  1. Not sure if I’ll ever get a response but I had a very weird but cool dream last night. I was told to drink a 2 liter bottle of both purple and pink fizz but mix it with a gallon of orange juice as a third part. Doing this would help me transition into a little girl. Sounds crazy right? Well I went into this shiny white clinic and I told them I didn’t drink the oj yet but I did drink about 1/2 of what I was told to drink. For some reason it felt like a lot to drink up. The woman said no problem laughing and said they actually do that all there intravenously. We started going over body types that I wanted to be when I woke up wondering to myself if this was even possible? Looking in the mirror I can only think back to the many dreams I’ve had of me being a little girl instead of who I am. Always when I dream I am a child but a girl. Irl I’m a guy that just wants to remake life, become what I’ve always been denied, be loved by others. Have I gone insane?

  2. Very strange dream. No mirrors in the dream to see if I looked any differently. Didn’t feel different, but something definitely felt off, because I was wearing panties in the dream. I quickly removed them and realized my penis was gone, and I had a vagina instead. I took off my shirt I had breasts as well, somehow knowing they were DD. My SO appeared. She looked the same and still had her breasts, but also had a penis and testicles that looked like my penis and testicles. It seems weird, but I was very very turned on by her and ran to the toilet to pee having to set down and figure out what to relax to pee. I finished peeing, cleaned up and ran back to the room. Even more weird was when I put her penis in my mouth and sucked on it till she was hard. My vagina felt very wet, but I got some lubricant and put it on her penis and on my vagina, then laid down and spread my legs. She wasted no time climbing on top of me and put her penis in my vagina and started having sex with me. In the dream, I was slightly worried at first if she’d get me pregnant, because she wasn’t wearing a condom, but that thought soon faded because the sex felt amazing and very different from when I have sex with her as a male. She kept thrusting inside me, came inside me, and kept thrusting. I felt something build up like I was going to have a female orgasm, but as the feeling got more and more intense like it was going to happen soon, I woke up feeling very strange and wondering what the heck just happened and feeling the need to pee. Not sure what that dream meant.

  3. I dreamt my mom wanted me to have a sex change so I attended all the pre-op appointments for her so she’d be happy. But when it came time for the surgery I told her this isn’t what I want and as much as I want to make her happy I could not go through with the operation. She was blowing up condoms into fun balloon shapes for my after operation party already so it was quite disappointing. When I told my dad that I didn’t want to become a male, he was very upset. He told me he had already purchased a round trip ticket to Austrailia and that I’ve wasted his time and money. I told him I would pay for the tickets but he said it was too late, he’d just move there and become a grapefruit farmer. In real life, my parents would support me in any decision and never push anything on me. My dad is far too laid back to ever become angry like that and I have no ties to Austrailia or grapefruits.

  4. I’m a girl and I had a dream that I was trying to become a male. I had to take these pills to get rid of my period and I wore a wrap around my cheat to hide my boobs more. What does it mean?

  5. I am a man. I dreamed that I was a woman and I had sex with a crocodile. I got pregnant and gave birth to what looked like a reptilian child.