Shooting in Dream

Any dreams involving shootings is a fight or flight trigger. Some can be interpreted as a nightmare where the dreamer is visibly shaken by the shooting dream. It could be a cause for concern if there is some antagonist that is shooting at you or being shot by you. Either way, it is an indication of how your brain wants to envision handling the situation without physical injuries.

Talk about the dream with a confidant, rather than keeping it to yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Shooting in Dream”

  1. I had a nightmare last night about a mass shooting at a football stadium. There was 2 other little dreams with the mass shooting one, like one about going round to my grandparents for a family meal. But in the mass shooting bit of my dream, there was me and my family there, we didn’t support any of the three teams but we just watched. Then a massive group of people came in, I think they were men. And started yelling orders at us. The lights kept going off and we ended up in a tescos. Everyone was racing round the shops. When the lights went off for a final time some people escaped through the doors, including me and my brother. And we jumped in someone’s car, who was an old friend of mine (about 4 years ago). We escaped to some old lady’s house but she was blind but could hear us. It then cut back to the stadium. But I was there again. They told everyone to lie on the ground so people started talking off their football tshirt or posters and lying them down and lying down. 3 people in a circle in the middle, then more people round and round. We were at the end, so we were right at the sides of the circle closest to the men who were high up in the seats. Everyone was holding hands. I grabbed my mums hand, and I know my dad was next to her. But my little sister was no where to be seen. My nightmare ended with mum calling out my sisters name then I woke up. What does this mean. I have got exam stress currently so I don’t know whether it’s down to that or what. But I was terrified when I first woke up.

  2. I dreamt I was living in my parents house again and I received a phone call stating that it was national shoot a dog day. This made it legal to shoot a neighbor dog if you chose to. My brother and I drove down the street by our house and there were dead dogs at every house. The owners had found them and propped them up with sticks by the road to show the murders to everyone. Some houses had two, one house had three big dogs and a goat. As we drive closer to the end of the culdesac,we see a large cult at one of the houses. They are all dressed in white and the leader is singing rocky mountain high or something like it. At the end of the song, he suddenly picks up his shotgun and shoots one of the women in the head. We witness it. I hear the shot and see her head explode blood. The leader laughs. The party seems to be over and there is a lot of traffic. We are stuck in this traffic trying to turn around and get out of here. We try to stay calm so no one shoots us. We start to make headway and are getting closer to getting out of the culdesac when the man in the car in front of us gets out somehow rigs his pedal to keep the car driving and he runs over to an electric line and electrocutes himself. I am calling the police to report the crime and the operator who answers is the biggest jerk. He says, you didn’t happen to get a picture? He is unmoved by the murder and is blowing me off. I am calling him an ass hole and a horrible operator and telling him he must take this seriously or I will speak with his manager! I see the dead woman. The cult people are putting her in a black trash bag. I see her eyes are open and think for a minute she is alive, but she is not. I’m back at my parents house and things get weird trash bags are left at our house from the cult party. The police come to investegate. With them are a few if the doctors that I work with. I am pleased the police took this seriously. I am saying the trash at our house is also evidence. There is a very large woman who just had a bunch of fat cut off her body is having her boyfriend change her diaper. He’s saying he loves his cute fat wife. I am now at a dinner and can’t leave until I get my meal, but I am not hungry and have math homework to do. I am so tired. Let me just say, i had a crazy neighbor who just recently was committed. She scared me especially because I have a baby. She was constantly harassing us. We both were always calling the police on each other. Her with her delusions, us trying to get her arrested for her crazy weird behavior. This Im sure has to do with this fear that she could come back or distrust of neighbors.