Someone Else Being Kidnapped in Dreams

Dreaming that someone else is being kidnapped represents your fear for another person’s safety. Since they are taken away, you have no way to validate their safety. Therefore, seeing another being kidnapped is the sign of your care and fear for them. This stems from not being able to have them next to you and to be able to ensure their safety.

Alternatively, this dream hints at the possibility of you stifling certain aspects of another person. You refuse to let the other person show their true colors and are holding them back from being who they are.

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13 thoughts on “Someone Else Being Kidnapped in Dreams”

  1. My dream was very short, because I knew I was dreaming but the second I stopped liking it I said, “NOPE I’m done.” And woke up
    So I was dropping off my bestfriend at home and I passed the turn I needed to make, so I turned into a driveway to make a 3 point turn. This old man that I don’t know was walking up To the house very slowly like he was exhausted, feet tied together, band gun. In hand like he had just been kidnapped and escaped. At some point I noticed his ribs from fatigue.
    I was going to get down to help but decided otherwise for my own safety, and turned around and left. I asked my friend to take down the addres like 5 times but she didn’t hear me any times. Pulling out the driveway I saw Two other men with guns through the window and was glad I didn’t stop to help. when I was like 10 ft away driving, I look one way and I look back and these 2 men that were in the house were now standing in front of me asking what I was doing there in a thick Dominican accent,
    And the face of someone I knew from middle school ~like his middle school face~ onto grown mans body. At that point I said “NOPE no thankss”

  2. I had a dream that my brother was kidnap by some guy and i heard his voice but by the time i could turn my car around go after them they were out of site . i went to his girlfriend house to tell her about it but then realized she had something to do with it and they had a newborn baby and she was trying to hurt him too.

  3. i had a dream that me and my family were kidnapped. this dream reminds me a lot of the book “the cellar” by natasha preston. my dad was the kidnapper and me, my mom, my oldest sister and younger sister were being held hostage by him. he didnt want us to feel like we were kidnapped, he wanted us to be safe (which is crazy because he went out and did terrible things when he wasnt with us). earlier in the dream, my sister (second oldest) was with us too. she said she wanted to escape so she tried. when our father found out she left, he was angry and went out to look for her. i dont know if he found her or not but with all the things he did in the dream, i wouldn’t be surprised if he found her and killed her afterwards. later on in the dream, he took us out to the park (at night) and i notice theres a soda machine so i ask if i can buy a water. he says yes and gives me a dollar. as i got closer, i notice its not a soda machine and its just a refrigerator. i open it up to find HUMAN REMAINS!!! for some reason, i climb on top of it and find a thermometer, name tags, 3 pictures of girls on every section in the fridge and lots of dry blood. my father sees me and immediately pulls me down. he takes us home without saying anything. when we get home he wants to take a picture of us individually. i say no, remembering about the girls in the refrigerator. i tell him julie, my younger sister who is a year old, needs to be changed. he knods and grabs my mom to take a picture of her. she smiles as he takes the picture. after he takes the picture, he gives her a new outfit and tells her to go change. as my mom changes, he grabs my little sister but i hold her down, explaining that i couldnt reach the diapers. he passes one to me as he gives THE ONE YEAR OLD A SIP OF VODKA!! when my mom came out, i notice its the same outfit as one of the refrigerator girls had. i tell my older sister everything and tells me to change julie. she tells my father she wants to go to the store so he takes us. in the car she whispers and says me and her will go to the police station and explain everything. when we get there, without even explaining, the officer hangs up the call hes on and asks, refrigerator girls? we knod and i tell him our father might be the one doing it. we make a plan to capture him and then go back to the store. we find the rest of our family and tell our dad we didnt find what we were looking for. he decides to keep looking and she texts the officer that we’re still in the store. the officer says to stay there and that hes on his way. a few minutes later, after we explain everything to our mom, he texts again and says hes outside with backup. while hes distracted, we all run towards the entrance. i was holding my little sister so i wasn’t running very fast. my dad soon sees us and chases after us. he pulls my hair and stops me. he pushes me on the ground and takes julie. i chase him, with a lot more speed, and he stops. he turns around and smiles as he reaches in his pocket to grab his knife. he sets julie down and runs towards me. my sister sees me and immediately grabs a thick glass vase and breaks it on his head. he falls on the ground and we walk towards the entrance. my sister runs to the officer and points to where my dad WAS. hes gone but i soon feel a gush of blood leak out the side of my body. i hold julie tight as i fall slowly on the ground. i fall on my back to see my dad above me. as he tries to get julie, a gunshot was heard and he stood still. eventually he laid lifeless on the ground and i drifted away. i woke up (in my dream) in a hospital bed with everyone around me (not including my father). as we leave the hospital, i carry julie and break down crying. i cried so hard that i couldnt breathe. then i woke up from the dream and heard myself really crying but no tears came out. i was so shocked i didnt know what to do so i looked it up and here i am lol

  4. Just woke up from my dream and my two cousins were with me (6 and 8) I begged my parents to take me to manchester after most of my family escaped a big dark room =/ She said yes but in reality she doesn’t even let me leave with them to go shop etc.. After getting there on tram walking around I asked a man for a pen to write my address and phone number on their arm.. The first letter began with L and the man asked where I lived, I ran off quickly with them and it was very busy so keeping my eye on both of two hyper kids was hard especially when a man was chasing me which I didn’t know until he took Anais off me (Anais is the 6 year old) And ran off with her.. I don’t know why I didn’t try to follow him but god did I feel extremely depressed with Amarliah.. the older cousin.. After walking around we went into this club like place with people drinking etc sitting down on a ledge looking outside I saw a man dressed up as a cop and he asked if we were okay ._. I told him everything and my mom will pay him a shit ton of money (I’m not allowed to swear irl too which is weird because I swore in the dream.) He said “I mean, I really do need money..” So after talking I went down to hug him because I just wanted to cry knowing my cousin was kidnapped because of me he asked me where I lived I instantly jumped up on the ledge ran off with Amarliah and uh yea I woke up.. Do not judge my horrible grammar and spelling I literally just woke up and that was probably longer than I should’ve made it but eh

  5. My sister had a dream that I was kidnapped at our old elementary school where we attended a long time ago &apparently my dad was chasing the car that took me & couldn’t get to me . The kidnappers didn’t want to give me back .

  6. I just had a dream about babysitting a four year old little boy and it was nighttime and he just got out of the shower so I put him outside on the screen door to dry (which I know is weird but it was typical in my dream) and then I sat in the dining room right in front of the screen so I could watch him while he dried. So this man which I didn’t notice at first started to pull and pull at the kid trying to get him off the screen door and I panicked and went out there and pulled the kid back from him and then he started to run back to the top of the side wall and I put the kid inside and went outside to scare the guy off and he pulled out a gun and I spread my arms to a T you know to like entice him and he shot me but like you can’t feel things in dreams so it was weird but then he ran away and so I put the kid back out and the guy came back and succeeded in kid napping him and I woke up because I couldn’t handle the stress anymore

  7. I had a dream that my family and I had discovered my two little sisters missing. I found myself at work as usual, with the knosledge of them being missing. When I returned home, I found a drawing I had done of my family and I when I was a kid in my room, however, the faces on the stick figures of my two sisters were coloured red with crossed out eyes and the words “burn” written on them. Then I found a drawing of one sister hanging, as well as another that said “Kelli is tomorrow, Holly is already gone.” (Those being my sisters’ names.) I then checked my one sisters bedroom and found more drawings of them being claimed dead or about to die. When I looked at my sister’s bed, there was a shape of a body with a balloon head. When I reached for the balloon, it turned straight towards me and I heard a very loud and ear-piercing scream. The balloon had a picture of one of my sisters’ faces on it. I woke up after that happened. Does this dream have any meaning?

  8. In my dream, I was hooking up with an asian man. At one point I had asked to go to the bathroom to wipe lube off of my dick, but he had to bathroom, just a large room with a sink and electronics…. as I’m wondering around in the room, I notice a little boy who was hidIng, but began to say he needs help once I noticed him. The Asian man came and grabbed him, and tied him to a chair, the Asian man then proceeded to take his own clothes off and then came and grabbed me, I pleaded for him to let me go, even offered to help him hold the kid hostage. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

  9. In my dream, my husband was kidnApped after a woman took our 3 kids and we prevented them from being taken. She took him instead. For some reason I didn’t realize he was actually in trouble until I got a call from him and he told me he was pretending to make a video diary so she wouldn’t catch him. From that point on I was freaking out. He posted FB live videos of his surroundings, one video showing him tied up in rope and duct tape while she drove and he was in the back of what looked like a delivery truck. I was trying to call the police but couldn’t. My phone wouldn’t let me. Then I woke myself up, sweating and freaked out. I couldn’t continue with that dream.

  10. I had a dream that I had an infant sister who was about to be adopted. I loved her so much. In the dream I had a crazy ex who kidnapped her from my arms, put her in a paper bag and ran away. We found her when she was 6 years old in a school. This dream freaked me out coz I really felt the emotions intensely.

  11. My mother in law babysits children. A boy and girl siblings and 3 of her granddaughters. Last night I had a nightmare that she was babysitting all the kids at the park and that the boy went missing under her care and he was later found at a different location traumatized and molested (very disturbing dream). I hardly know that child in real life so I was wondering what this could mean?

  12. So I dreamt that I saw my little brother at first just beside me. But something happened and he wasn’t there anymore… I never saw who kidnapped him but all I knew was that I had to look for him. So in the dream I felt panic but still calmed in a way trying not to “go to my own conclusion” because maybe he was just with a friend. But then I went through his IPad and looked through it. I found that there was an email of a woman being kidnapped by this old man. So then it clicked that that old man had taken my little brother. So I got ready to look around and I even told my pitbull dog, that I don’t even have in real life, to go find my brother. But the dog obviously didn’t understand… Then I finally find him somehow but he’s all beat up and it looked like he was so traumatized. I just embrace him at the end and cry. Then when I wake up I felt so scared and all I wanted to do was run to my little brother and just cry… I felt so vulnerable for some reason…

  13. I dreamed my husband kidnapped at night. They kept him for sometime but I had a strong feeling he was alive. After some few days they came for me and my 2 kids. They were 4 gentlemen. I defeated them through prayer and they died. I was commanding the fire of God to consume them. I escaped with my kids and we came back with our car because they tried to kidnap us in our car. I could not drive it bak home because they broke the key. I just pushed it home with other christians. My husband managed to escape and we flee away with kids from our home because we knew they will come after us. We were in a tractor thruogh the fields from ventersdorp to mafikeng. We were intending to go and stay in Botswana but my husband’ company paid for our visas to relocate and stay abroad and I woke up.