Someone Else Being Kidnapped in Dreams

Dreaming that someone else is being kidnapped represents your fear for another person’s safety. Since they are taken away, you have no way to validate their safety. Therefore, seeing another being kidnapped is the sign of your care and fear for them. This stems from not being able to have them next to you and to be able to ensure their safety.

Alternatively, this dream hints at the possibility of you stifling certain aspects of another person. You refuse to let the other person show their true colors and are holding them back from being who they are.

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One thought on “Someone Else Being Kidnapped in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed my husband kidnapped at night. They kept him for sometime but I had a strong feeling he was alive. After some few days they came for me and my 2 kids. They were 4 gentlemen. I defeated them through prayer and they died. I was commanding the fire of God to consume them. I escaped with my kids and we came back with our car because they tried to kidnap us in our car. I could not drive it bak home because they broke the key. I just pushed it home with other christians. My husband managed to escape and we flee away with kids from our home because we knew they will come after us. We were in a tractor thruogh the fields from ventersdorp to mafikeng. We were intending to go and stay in Botswana but my husband’ company paid for our visas to relocate and stay abroad and I woke up.