Taking a Shower in Dreams

Water is often seen as a manifestation of purity and cleansing of dirt. Taking a shower in your dream may be indicative that you feel the need to wash away all the dirt from your body, whether it is physical or emotional. This symbolizes renewal and the desire to start fresh at a new point in your life. You want to forget all the emotional pain, stress, and pressure of life and by cleaning yourself with water, you feel that it will be wash away.

Taking a shower in your dream may also reflect on your requisite for forgiveness. You may have committed a deed which have cause pain and hurt to others around you. Thus, by taking a shower in your dream, you want to deluge yourself of guilt and remorse by seeking forgiveness.

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12 thoughts on “Taking a Shower in Dreams”

  1. I dream last night that I was in the shower with two of my kids and my boyfriend. We were all showering together, I was scrubbing my son really good; behind his ears and neck. I had scrubbed all of them clean. In my dream, someone walked in to tell me to hurry up. They were shock to see all four of us standing in the tub showering, but my boyfriend and son had shorts on so they the person was relief to see that.

  2. My dream is usually the same,but in different locations (mostly in old run down houses that I once lived in). I am taking a shower and there is no drain in the floor. There’s not even a bathroom, it’s just a delapated ruin of a room that for some reason I am living there with my family ( mom in some, husband and kids in others). There is a shower head and faucets but no drain or shower stall. The water just falls on what ever the floor is made of, sometimes wood, sometimes carpet, sometimes tile. Not sure what this all means.

  3. I am here bc I always dream nightly, ALWAYS, and have now had 3 or 4 shower dreams back to back each night recently. In each, I’m alone (except once I thought I’d have to share a shower with two heads but then did not have to share, and it always seems to be rushed a bit or short/fast). There are no details, it’s just me getting ready to take a shower and then me suddenly done taking a shower with a towel wrapped around me. Either a refreshing renewal is coming, fast prosperity, or something will be restored (like my non-existant love life lol). Who knows which! Praying and researching. God bless.

  4. Hello. I hada dream that I was taking a shower with a group of people, both men and women. We were showering each other too; scrubbing each other’s backs which is the hard part to reach. I seemed relaxed and calm in the dream, which is surprising because I would never take a shower with a group of people in real life. I like my showers to be me time. The only person I’ve ever showered with was my boyfriend.

    1. A group of ppl are able to help you and each other getting “hard to reach areas” like the back. Perhaps you will benefit from a support group for something you are struggling with where ppl can be vulnerable and emotionally “naked.” or maybe a team at work will get along well with you included to solve problems if you all remain open with each other and communicate/pitch in/cooperate. Blessings!

  5. Come into a bedroom where I am making love with a faceless man, the room was totally white, there was a curtain made of a soft cotton material, its color was white with Amber flowers. There was only white behind the glass. A girl with child came in and the man I was with started unbutton her jeans, I stopped him. It wasn’t violent and no fear was felt, it was a gentle scene. The girl disappeared then a man appearing to be the man’s brother came in. I left and went to the shower, the water was nice and the girl appeared again (early 20 to), squirtting the most vivid blue gel on the walls, stating she had to clean it, I told her that I would take care of it since I was already there. When I started washing it off a woman which felt like the man’s Mother came into the bathroom with her sons she wanted desperately to get in the shower and they would not let her. From there I got out of the shower stepped into a huge bathroom totally empty of people. I stepped into another room and it was a balcony overlooking a very busy kitchen. A sense of urgency in preparing food for a banquet. I woke up, peaceful and prayerful for revelation.

  6. I had a dream that my friend was taking a shower and she was leaving her kids with her husband and she goes ” I’m going to my sisters”. And he goes” what!”. Its a really weird dream. I wonder what the shower means???

    1. Elle, could be that she wants to leave her family and cleanse herself from responsibility bc it feels overwhelming or like a burden. Perhaps you should talk to her and ask her how things are going or if he needs help with babysitting for a few nights. Blessings!

    1. JN, perhaps you have done something you are ashamed of doing and are attempting to “wash” it away. If you believe, pray to God for forgiveness and ask for restoration and/or for the desire to complete possibly shameful acts to be removed. Support groups are heelpful also, if relevant. Blessings!