Trapped in Dream

Dreaming of being trapped means you are stuck in an unfulfilled job or relationship that everyday you are wishing to get out and never see the same people again. Going through the same routines daily will make anyone feel trapped. It is your responsibility to mix it up by taking a vacation and planning special events rather than heading home to watch television, sleep and restart the day with the same daily grind.

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One thought on “Trapped in Dream”

  1. I have dreams that I am stuck/trapped. The other night it was a box I was stuck in, I was fighting my way out and woke the whole house up screaming.
    Last night I was trapped somewhere dark i cannot remember much apart from being trapped but able to see a tiny gap of light (this I think is something to do with not pulling my window blind all the way down last night and leaving an inch gap which would let light in in the morning)
    these dreams are very scary and I shout in my sleep calling my partner for help. What is wrong with me? Do I have a sleep disorder?