Urination in Dreams

When one dreams of urination, they probably have gone to sleep after drinking a good amount of water beforehand. Thus, dreaming that you are urinating is just your body’s way of telling you what you need to do; pee! Many times dreams of urination is actually your body being unable to hold the urine in or almost at breaking point. If it is not resolved, your body might just let it go right there when you sleep!

Besides the obvious, dreams of urination can be seen as acts of cleansing. You are getting rid of the wastes and harmful substances that can be deadly to your body. Applying it to your wake self, this can mean that you are pushing those that have treated you unfairly away and you’re going for a fresh start.

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15 thoughts on “Urination in Dreams”

  1. I was dreaming as if i was outside of the house sleeping in the dark then a man comes and looked to be drunk yet he wasn’t,he was carrying a basin his urine coming towards me as i tried running back inside he poured the urine on me i closed the door but he appeared inside and i looked at the door if i had left it open but it was closed and he smiled

  2. What’s the meaning of a dream of someone urinating inside the church. It was a man playing the piano during praise and worship, on the altar. It was disturbing.

  3. I had a dream that myself and my colleague in the office slept on the same bed, only for me to wake up and notice that the guy had urinated and i got wet. I am very worried

  4. My dream was of a giant who stood at least 30 feet tall, he looked down at me, I couldn’t see what he was doing until it was to late, he urinated on me. I was shocked, he was smiling when he did it. I was not afraid but was in disbelief.

  5. I had a dean where I would go to a bathroom and pee for long amounts of times. One of the times someone was telling me that I should be embarrassed by how much and how long I was peeing but I didn’t care. I just kept going. Then right after that I had to go again. I’ve never had a dream where I constantly peeing.

  6. Been having really wierd dreams of peeing,often Iam peeing when things in the bathroom move or get small or big. This morning after being awake for an hour or so I fell back asleep. Had a dream about walking to the bathroom shuting the door behind me and starting to pee. When I looked back at the door , it was open and small (like it small in the door frame, then the toilet started to move towards me , been having similar dreams like that for a while now most of them I wake up and go pee!

  7. I had a dream that I was peeing in my old bathroom, and when I woke up I actually wet the bed. (I’m 21) and this hasn’t happened to me since I was about 9. I used to not wake up and wet the bed but grew out of it. I don’t know if it’s because something today happened that reminded me of some of my childhood Trauma that triggered it. I’m very confused.

  8. In my dream last night I dreamt that I was in a park taking part in a demonstration then I was standing in a que at a police station. In both places I urinated what could this mean.

  9. I keep having a dream when it’s really dark, where I have urinated in my pants and it doesnt stop and everyone is looking at me, the only way to stop this problem is sleeping with the light on

    1. Osama,
      I think your dream is saying that you are under a lot of pressure and you need to get alone to decompress. You’ve been trying to do this, but it’s just causing you humiliation and embarassment. Get alone if you can, and know that your are loved beyond imagination.

  10. I had a weird dream quite awhile back. I was sleeping over at a friends house one night and had an unusual dream the same night. I was dreaming that I was at the same friends house and there were quite a few people over there as well. Well I went to go to the bathroom to go pee. And once I started peeing I couldn’t stop. I peed and peed until the the whole bathroom started to overflow with urine. A girl started knocking on the door yelling she had to go to the bathroom. Eventually she forced the door open a urine spilled everywhere all over the house. That is all I can remember.

    What could this mean…?

    1. Greg I think this dream is telling you (or was telling you…don’t know how old this is) that you are experiencing a time of shedding some things in your life that you have held in up to this point. You must be patient as this cleansing or healing process takes place because it is necessary before you can move on to the next step you should take. You are trying to keep it private but that may not be possible. It is possible that you may have been withdrawing a little from friends or family, and they may demand to know what’s happening.
      You are greatly loved & valued, and this cleansing is an act of love to bring you good things.