Violence in Dreams

Dreaming of violence where people around you are getting hurt indicates that you feel threatened in the waking hours. If you manage to go unharmed while others are harmed, then you are responsible for the actions against them when the attack was originally aimed towards you.

Sometime a big challenge at work or in a relationship can take the form of violence in your dreams.

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10 thoughts on “Violence in Dreams”

  1. I have a lot of violent dreams from my child hood til now most recent was last nite got into a fight with. What I thought was a man strange it to death I thought but it kept coming back and. The more it came the more violent it became it even found my home. There it threaten my family until I arrived but when I awaken my left hip an both knees were burning with pain also I went to sleep. Angry

  2. I had a dream that a grotesquely shaped human (humpback with a long kneck and bulging eyes) was killing all my family and eating them, I forget most of the details but when he came for me I was sitting in my room with a kitchen knife and he said your going to be as tasty as the rest and then he came at me and somehow I got the knife around his kneck and was strangling him with it and at that point I jerked awake and still struggled for a few seconds not realizing I was awake. It turned out I was strangling a pillow. I am utterly confused and worried about what this dream may mean.

  3. I had a dream that I was talking to my step dad and he was telling me that I needed to get a ride home from work that night and that my mom wouldn’t pick me up (because my mom helping me out in situations has become an increasing issue with him for some reason) and I responded saying “Whatever.” and all the sudden he stood up and walked behind me to the couch where my mom was sitting and I heard her say hi to him, and then I heard crashing like he someone had fallen over, and I turned around expecting something absurd like he had tackled her and was kissing her. Instead, he was on the ground strangling her and I heard her struggle for breath and I woke up. This really disturbed me.

  4. I have been having dreams where I get so mad at loved ones that I just start to hit them for stupid reasons and reasons that aren’t me. It’s like for no reason I just get so mad that I start hitting people, and even my dog. I’m the type of person that only gets mad for like 5 minutes and I say my peace and then I’m over it. I don’t get mad to the point of hitting people or anything so naturally these dreams are scaring the bajesus out of me. Why am I attacking the people and pets I love more than anything in this world?

  5. I had a very disturbing dream. Near where I grew up there was a rapist on the loose. Everybody was looking for him, and I saw him pop up out of the grass, and there was a chase. He went into the back yard and into a shed that had stairs that went down into a labyrinth. I went into it as well, I wandered the halls looking for the rapist. I was not afraid, the place looked like something out of a bad horror movie, I was not afraid at all. I didn’t find the rapist, but again up in the backyard I kept seeing him pop up amongst all these people looking and I would point him out and he would hide again. Someone in the crowd gave me a paint bucket on the end of a rope to defend myself with. When he popped up again he went running across open ground. Nobody else was going after him, so I went with my paint bucket. He fell to the ground and begged me, I hit him with my paint bucket, once, twice, three times. The third time landed squarely on his head and there was a cracking noise and his eye was half open and watering and I thought maybe I’d killed him. I walked away, thinking casually of how he could possibly have been innocent, that certainly even if he was guilty that he was human and someone’s child, and that I couldn’t take it back but that I would live with it forever no matter how I felt about it. It was VERY DISTURBING, I am not a violent person, had no idea as dark as my nightmares can be, that my subconscious self could be capable of such things. Wow

  6. i keep having dreams of ghosts hurting me.They are always in black and the last one flew around chasing me with needles trying to stab me with deceased grandfather was there trying to protect me but right before i woke the ghost stabbed me in the heart.i also dream of woman who r suffering,burnt faces,cut and bleeding in the face,the face half gone.also dreams of the devil.weirdest part is i havent slept in my bedroom in a year because when i would just close my eyes i would see the devil. what is this?i just had a priest bless my home and when he went outside and said im sorrry i cant return for if i do,it will be worse for you but i will have a higher up come back here.he was sweating,scared and the bedroom door wouldnt open for him and when he turned the other way it creeped open…HELP

  7. My son who is 5, had a nightmare last night that the bigger boys at school were running arounding and cutting the small boys heads and arms off, what could this mean.

    I worry about him

  8. i had a dream that i got into fight with a guy because his girlfriend was flirting with me, the guy looked at me mad and i stared into his eyes my hands behind my back. he took the first swing and hit my thigh and then hit my stomach but it was too hard for him. and then i took his arm and cracked it and broke it, i could have tore it of but chose not to.
    Does anyone know what this violent dream means?

  9. I had a dream about my catching my boyfriend coming down stairs with a another girl trying to put their clothes on, I engaged them very upset and crying saying how could you do this what did I do to you and my boyfriend started slapping me and then the girl did as well the last part I remember is being on the floor and watching them walk out hand in hand kissing each other.
    This is the second cheating dream I’ve had in a week.
    I’ve never had dreams like this before, violence is nothing new to me in my dreams but cheating with violence is and its scary because it felt so real like my face felt like it hurt when I woke up.