Vomiting in Dreams

Dreaming that you are vomiting is the mind’s sign of rejection. Vomiting is a bodily function which ejects what your body does not agree with. Therefore, to dream that you are vomiting can be a sign of finding or seeing something that you deem repulsive. Your mind is telling or hinting at you of something that makes you sick, something so awful that you are pushed to the degree that your own body needs to reject it naturally.

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18 thoughts on “Vomiting in Dreams”

  1. I dream my ex-husband was vomiting something dark yellow. I thought it was because I’d used the spice tumeric in some baked meat that I had cooked for dinner…
    In the dream, he and I were having problems and were headed for a certain divorce. I mistakenly was in bed with someone else–convinced that my husband and I were over–though I still loved him. He discovered it when he came into the house (where the windows were uncovered and even had two or three holes in the tall glass windows surrounding the bedroom where the other man and I were). When I discovered my husband was home, I went to him (sorry for my actions), but instead of explaining my actions, I explained that I was sorry my food made him sick and the recipe that I had used–thinking his stomach did not like the tumeric spice. I comforted him, was there with him, he did not speak, vomited a little more every now and then, then, I woke up.

  2. I was sleeping with my boyfriend in this dream and at first he vomited on me then I woke up to him cleaning me up and I went to the bathroom to clean up and I went back to sleep.
    What is the meaning of this dream?

  3. I was with my friends .. and I had to go vomit .. my sister was in the bathroom already when I made it . She threw up and was wiping it off the floor. We started throwing up together .. I was asking her what did all this mean .. what’s wrong with us .. I started vomiting also .. she wiped her mess up fast and she left.. I was still throwing up . A friend walked in and saw me & told some people .. in a whispering/sneaky way.. I didn’t notice.. I texted this guy I like about what happened and he said it was okay .. I started feeling better .. I told the girl beside me what had happened .. she smiled and said she was happy for me.. and I calm down and forgot about it ..

  4. Thanks but then when I was vomiting there in front of me there was my work mate could there be hidden meaning out of this?

  5. I have recurring dreams of vomiting. In my dream it recurs the whole time. I often can’t find anywhere to vomit so I hold it in, but even if I do find a place, I still vomit more and can never stop. The cycle continues until I wake up. I wake up to a wet pillow and often a mouthful of Sylvia. What does it mean? It takes me a while to get over these dreams after I’m awake.

  6. I had a dream that my puppy whom i care deeply for threw up. Things that he is always playing with – my socks and things he shouldn’t be playing with – tampon. He had them lodged in his throat. It wasn’t disgusting it was just that he needed my help to get them out. He had me worried. Please help me understand this. I also fell back asleep and had another throw up dream. In both I wasn’t throwing up but helping. I need guidance please help.

  7. I had a dream that I was dreaming about my old elementary school and as I looked information up on it I felt the urge to spit…I head to the bathroom and begin to throw up and it’s clear blobs that kind of look like jellyfish how there blobs are but it was all white creamy like…I kept going back to the bathroom so many times to spit and this kept coming up every time…it got to the point where I can feel myself looking at me do this in my dream out of my body watching me throw up to where I woke myself up and I jumped up and ran to the bathroom and my whole mouth was filled with a lot of water that I had to spit it out..what does this mean????

  8. I had a dream today during a nap after work. It seemed to start out with me going to the bathroom to use the bathroom I am not sure if I or some one else left stool in the bathroom but it was there. When I saw it I turned to leave and passed by someone about to take a shower. Following that moment I had to throw up. But the bathroom was now occupied so It was just stuck in my mouth like a chipmunk it was forceful. So I lost a little bit. Then I scurried around and found a paper grocery bad and finally got it. While looking in the bag I saw that it was the place where the person keeps all of the backup ones folded up. Then I woke up startled and feeling a bit ill. It was strange. Now I feel a bit better but a little uneasy. What does this mean?

  9. I have have two vomiting dreams this week. The first one, I was engaging in intercourse with my recent ex, of whom I still see and talk to frequently. I suddenly jumped up and ran to the toilet and vomited. It was painful and forceful. Last night I had another dream and I can’t remember where I was exactly but I said, I’m going to throw up and sure enough I began projectile vomiting and it was like gushing out water.

  10. I dreamt that I was vommiting blacking red bubbly mucus I guess. And my brother was there but I was hiding it from him. What can this mean?

  11. My dream/early morning

    My friend and I were in this giant mall/stadium and there was this red and black alien guy performing a show. All the people in the audience are girls. He chooses my friend to play as his lover and she has to drink this blue water that streams, but before she can the alien guy looks up and a blue alien woman walks in and he becomes very scared and nervous. He ends the show and everyone leaves except for the blue lady and him. My friend and I walk back to the red aliens room and drop off the bowl and meet his twin cleaning men who are small and acrobatics. Then we start walking back towards out living quarters and on the way we see my friends boyfriend (who is also my ex) and he comes to our place with us. We get back and they go to lay down but a little child is in her way. I walk off to change then walk back as my friend is trying to sit on the kid. I push her away and hold the kid up. He tells me he is going to throw up. So i guide him to the restroom but we don’t make it and he throws up in this river. Its a a liquid and when he finally stops he disappears and the blue lady walks in and tells me, “You are what we’re looking for.” Then I wake up.

  12. Dream this morning 5.30 a.m. Deeply disturbing dream.

    The dream has 2 parts.

    First part: I become semi conscious in a doctors room and the said doctor has just injected me with a drug of sorts that has rendered me incapable of accurate motor function. There is one other in the room in the same state as me. While I am physically disabled I am mentally lucid and am reeling at the helplessness I am feeling inside me. Then he receives a phone call and he is visibly animated by it and storms out the room leaving the door open. Myself & the other person stumble half blind & half drunk towards the door & after some trial & error manage to exit the doctors room & enter into a hospital canteen where some nurses are sitting at a table. I stand looking unable to speak properly.

    A nurse volunteers 2 cups of tea, without milk with some evidence of green plants in the cup & tells me it is the antidote for what the doctor has given me. I clumsily knock my cup over but manage to save half a cup & manage to drink it. I wake up again. more lucid now and leave a door & find myself in a pleasant garden overlooking a steep hill. I begin a conversation with a child about how I am a carpenter and that I am not used to doing nothing all day which is what I am doing in the “institution” i am in. Then the wind picks up quite strong & I remember I can fly and run down the hill just a little & take off and slowly gather height and speed and escape that place.

    I am in sweeping flight and have flown away and see a landing place that has scattered geometrical shapes sticking out the ground. I fly down and land on one of them and everything changes in an instant. Everything goes pink. I am now standing on a pink bobbing shape in a pink sludge liquid that leaves an awful taste in the back of my mouth. I look around and I am in virtually an aquarium of sorts with glass windows to look in & out and i see a passage with lights looking down on me in my pink sludge reality.
    I start to take stock of whats going on & start to realise the extent of my situation. I am now lying naked on a block that is slightly submerged in this pink liquid and my block is linked to another block on both sides and on the blocks in front & behind are deformed people & I somehow realise they were ejected fetuses that have grown over time & most are deformed or have dents or missing body parts & so am i & am am a woman & no longer a man.

    Then I realise that there are small blackened clumps in the pink liquid & I have to eat them to stay alive in the hell I find myself in & I do. They are vile.

    After some time a brief respite & I am allowed to see a bit of daylight & grass & trees. I cannot stand from lying for so long and after a great and herculean battle with my uncoordinated limbs I manage to stand and when I stand I start retching and vomit out all the black & pink liquid I had imbibed. Mostly I felt violated. I awakened.
    I have been disturbed all day.

    Thats it. Crap dream. Think its time i instituted radical change in my life.

    Cool. Bye. I feel lighter now.

  13. The dream: Late Evening/Morning of 05/06/14

    I dreamnt of flowers that were possibly “Veronica Bud’s.” I touched one and pulled a tip off and once I did, they turned to crystal’s; somewhat like salt crystals. I went to smell them and one of them shot in my mouth. It was of no taste. As I continued to look at the flowers, there were long cenepid like creatures being born out of the crystals, that had tiny teeth. As they grew, they turned into Blue Horse Birds? Very weird.

    As the dream went on, I started vomiting flower pedals. More and more of them… Then the last one, was what it seemed to be a flower pedal with a “heart beat.”

    Maybe someone can authenticate the meaning of this for me.

    Great Thanks,
    Nic Rey

  14. First of all, I am a Christian whom is passionately in love with Jesus Christ! :)) …I was at a social event with my brother when a beautiful girl started walking up to sit down with us but she started chatting with a friend who was seated in across from me facing me. Se was slightly facing in my direction. She then began to vomit almost directly at me, I quickly moved & not a drop landed on me but I quickly began to aid her but then almost simultaneously began to vomit myself. Then either my brother or someone else we were with began to vomit as well. At that moment I awoke to find myself face down in the bed, (Thank You Jesus!), mouth full of saliva & a small quarter size puddle of spit on the bed. I believe if God was not at my aid & had me sleeping on my stomach then i would have choked on my spit & possibly have not woken up! Thank You Jesus! Can anyone give me a Christian interpretation to this? Blessings <

  15. Dream

    I dreamt that we were at a function can’t remember exactly what but we were dressed in formal attire. I for one had this blush pink (really pale pink, almost nude) gown on that was quite long, fitted all the way on my body with a “fishtail” (fanned out at the bottom from my knees down). We (“we” as in there was a very small group of my friends, just a handful really, possibly even certain members of my family.. but really just a couple of us. Yet since waking up from this dream I only recall one familiar person, don’t remember the rest, and it was a mate of mine, a male friend, whom I’ve known in like forever, since childhood or early pre-teen age rather). So we, a very small company, were at this event, whatever it was, I don’t recall it specifically, but it required us to sit down as spectators. Almost as if we were preparing to view a showing of some sort, but it was still broad daylight and we were sitting along on what appeared to be the edge of a pier (along a wood boardwalk/deck of some sort) that overlooked the water. When we first approached I remember spotting a giant butterfly lying in the water. It was so huge and so pretty I really wanted to scope it up in a jar and take it back home with me (in real life I have a collection of butterflies and one moth… I only keep the already wounded or dead ones I don’t go out for the express purpose to hunt them down and kill them like true biologist/collectors do). So my instinct in the dream was to snatch this said butterfly and add it to my already existing collection at home.. because from a distance I saw it appeared to be wounded and was fluttering on its back but then on closer inspection the butterfly was in fact larger than life; a giant butterfly and it wasn’t wounded at all but seemed to be basking on its back in the water, resting its head on a leaf (?) or flower petal (?) that acted like a “pillow”. At that same exact moment that I came to this realisation, someone who I discreetly heard muttered something over my shoulder about this very point- that its actually not dead but lying/resting on its back, and almost cautioning me against picking it up. We finally sat down as the “show” (whatever it was) was beginning to start and something caught my eye again in the water.. there was movement just below the surface it was a spider (a huntsmen if I’m correct, which is prevalent here in Australia. They’re actually so common in homes here and possibly even quite harmless, or at the very least, quite shy, yet they can grow to quite a large size, as or bigger than a man’s hand). Also interesting to note, I don’t believe this species of spider (if that was what it was) actually can swim and they definitely don’t reside near water, albeit here it was just at the tip of the surface of the water and it seemed to be crawling upwards. No sooner had I spotted my other companions were also onlookers. The spider seemed to be climbing up out of the water and soon to our amazement, maybe even horror, it then started pulling another one of his eight-legged friend up out of the water too. At this point in time that’s when we all stood to our feet for the spider was fully emerged out of the water and pulling what now was visibly his “father” out of the water or maybe “grandpa” or maybe I spoke this out aloud “look its giving the ol’ guy a helping hand”.. in light humour almost sarcasm. Not clear whether I actually spoke those words out aloud or if I thought them, but basically this was common knowledge to all of us that the first spider was pulling the second spider out of the water and the second spider happened to have a tuft of grey hairs on what I presumed was his head , lending to the remark I made (or thought) earlier about “helping the ol’ guy out”, that this perhaps was an elderly critter. I should also note that huntsmen here in Aus are a rather dull, brownish colour so the white hairs we observed in the dream is not a trait of the species. This dream seemed to take on a hyperrealistic bordering on surrealistic elements i.e the super-sized butterfly, floating on its back and the spider reaching out a hand to its fellow “least of these” (weak, elderly)… because at this point in the dream the pair of spiders were now morphed into giant size and thankfully (almost out of gut instinct) we had stood up sooner rather than later because the spiders were now humanish size and had crawled onto the deck. Perhaps only just the second spider because I distinctively recall looking back over my shoulder and it was the “old-man” spider that had now morphed into an actual old man, balding head complete with white tufts of hair… but it still appeared to have the legs of a slider because it then proceeded to climb the grey brick wall which we were only moments before, leaning against. I can’t say exactly if the spider really took on human form nor was it the half spider-half man variety, all I can remember in this part of the dream was looking over my shoulder and seeing the top and back end of a balding white haired head bopping about first as the usual scale of a spider and then as a human sized head all the while continuing to manoeuvre like a spider up the wall.

    Finally to the part of my dream which has references to vomiting. After we had moved over to another spot away from the spider, it was at this point that I noticed I was wearing the cream colour/pale pink dress (whether I always had it on, I’m not certain for sure but it was literally only at this very moment in my dream that I looked down and saw I was wearing this long elegant dress. Although I do recall a short black lace dress of sorts, whether I was wearing it or maybe I’d noticed someone else had it on, either way, the cream/pal pink gown was new). Perhaps it was the climax to the show if ever it was a show, but we were ushered to sit forward and maybe it was our turn to perform (?) perform what, I don’t know.. but all I remember at this point in the dream, I was up next and I wasn’t feeling very well and then I panicked that I might be sick in front of everyone so I got up and my male friend, I mentioned earlier, was nearby and I asked him to come with me for moral support… he helped me find a toilet but the one we found was so dingy, so foul with graffiti all on the walls and mould and slime… ew! It was just revolting to say the least (in real life I have a thing against germs and public toilets etc so evidently dreams are no exception). My mate convinced me that once I throw up and get it all out I will feel better, I wanted to trust him, so I tiptoed into the cubicle lifting the hem of my gown (at that point I remembered I was wearing it and I was freaked I might get it dirty and I was worried I might be late back to the show- or whatever it was, maybe our turn was coming up to get our picture taken?? and I was concerned my name would be called out but I would be stuck in the toilets being sick… whatever, the details are so vague). So with my mate looking on in support, I grabbed toilet paper and tossed it in the toilet bowl (in my conscious bid to limit “splatter”) and the minute I tilted my head vomit heaved out.. I was acutely aware that I hadn’t actually even lifted the toilet lid and vomit landed on top of the lid and splattered on the wall/floor. I only spat out a little bit this first time but already, like my mate said, I was beginning to feel better. But the minute I lifted my head back up I felt ill again and threw up. Then a passing thought came to mind almost like a taunting reminder that when I throw up, it always happens in three bouts.. so deep down I knew more was coming even though for a brief moment I felt better. Whether I actually said this out aloud to my friend or was thinking it to myself, it was, however strange because it was also as if my subconscious was aware of this fact too. At this point in my dream things became quite lucid, like all my senses became heightened, I could actually physically feel everything as if it were truly real. I actually felt like I was truly sick and that I was vomiting for real and it really was painful).. and so it continued. Every time I lifted my head to my horror I wasn’t feeling any better at all and it really wasn’t clearing up like my friend had promised. My stomach would churn again and I’d chuck up again, again and again… all the while I could see my mate looking on from behind me, his head over the toilet door pressing me on, to hang in there… but I honestly felt like it wouldn’t stop, it just wouldn’t stop. My head would be tilted over being sick and I’d find relief but only for a moment because the instance I raised my head again I felt terribly ill and vomit would come up again! It was at this very point that I noticed that my vomit was the colour of bile, all green and that I was physically in agony to which point it was almost like my spirit spoke to my conscious to wake up. It was like my mind was telling my body to wake up, that maybe this was happening for real, and maybe I was sick for real right here in my bed! Whats far more alarming was the thought that I may be lying on my back and struggling to breath that I was perhaps coughing up vomit and potentially choking!! This may also explain why the dream might have felt so real and why in the dream when I tilted my head down to vomit I felt relief but when I bopped my head back up again I felt worse and needed to vomit all over again.. in that instance of thinking that I woke up for real and sure enough I was lying on my back and the second I opened my eyes my mouth popped open softy almost like I was expelling air out or maybe out of reflex from dreaming of vomiting. Wide awake now I didn’t feel nauseous at all but I still checked around my bed and on my bedroom floor for pools of vomit in case I had vomited in my sleep but it was spotless, there was nothing.

    I have to add this finer detail that may aid in the interpretation of my dream. The first point to note, in reality I might have a slight phobia of vomiting.. well a grave one really. I’ve always had a fear of vomiting and vomit, seeing or hearing someone do it and if I myself by chance start to get nausaeous or just ill I freak out and get all sweaty and anxious and always start to panic, and cry. As an adult now, I once had to get my sister to come with me to the toilet cause I didn’t want to be alone when it happened; I cried. Oh, and I always, always close my eyes when it happens, that’s why its interesting to note that in this dream I actually had my eyes wide open and I even knew the colour of my vomit.

    A second point to note, is that this particular friend of mine, although he hasn’t officially “come out” to me personally, but there’s always been an inclining these past couple of years or so, and all the group of friends we’ve grown up with together have always hinted at it, and though we all were raised as Christians, grow up in Christian homes/environments, he especially, as his mother was and still is a children’s pastor, and only a couple of us, including myself are still strong for the Lord, and I’m in no way suggesting he is no longer walking with the Lord but his lifestyle begs to differ, and I’m not here to judge, I love him to bits whatever happens, but I’m pretty sure of it now, that he might be gay. Well, these past couple of years, at least, I’m certain he is actually fully practicing… and he’s always been indifferent to those who were against homosexuality, he always stood by this notion “to hate the sin and not the sinner” when it came to this subject matter, which I am all for it too… but he’s also admitted to having a lot of gay friends, his older half-brother is gay, and so he has always strongly opposed Christians, especially members of the body of Christ who rejected his brother, who he blames who were “haters” of homosexuals. But the past months especially this year I’ve slowly watched him “sit on the fence” about the whole homosexual debate and he himself has voiced that he will never try and confront anyone in their sin but “love” them instead. To me that is outright turning a blind eye, and that’s pretty much what he was implying… but now I watch him as he unabashedly just “sits”, pretty much “basks” and allow this spirit of homosexuality take full fledge in his life… I’m not disgusted to so much as I am saddened.. I feel grief more than anything, grief at a loss of a best mate, a buddy I thought I knew well. Who once held strongly to his convictions but we don’t even hang out anymore like we use to.. we barely chat anymore…

  16. Good day
    I had a dream that my sister was at a party with friends when she started drinking, eating and taking asprin once also. It was havoc. I could sense she in a way didn’t think about what she was consuming. Soon she started to vomit, and I held my hands to catch the vomit (feeling I’m supporting her emotionally, by being there for her, in her time of need).
    Could there be a Christian interpretation to this?
    Thank you!