Waterboarding in Dreams

Dreaming of waterboarding means you want to extract certain sensitive information from your peers through every means necessary including the act of torture. Your decisions cause you a great dilemma, because waterboarding violates all acts of humanity and can seriously cause harm to your peers for the sake of attaining your goals.

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3 thoughts on “Waterboarding in Dreams”

  1. Dream that i was hiding from someone when a guy came from behind me. Things a little fuzzy but then he was laid on my kitchen floor with a cloth stuffed in his mouth then i poured red wine into his cloth filled mouth. I remember feeling bad doing it so i strangled him instead. Trying to kill him. I woke up when this man turned into my brother. He didnt die in my dream.. the wierdest deeam ever. Also 2 other people died in my dream before that. Im not sure how they died but i think i did it. Any of this mean anything or jst a crazy 1 time thing

  2. I had a dream that I was just walking around when someone forced me to my knees. They held me there while someone else pulled my head back and poured water in my face. I woke up gasping for air and could not breathe. I didn’t see anyone. Just arms.

    1. I just had a dream I was in church and this thug guy slapped my mom so I proceeded to taser him. My taser didn’t work so he laid me down on my back sat on my chest and poured water on my face and slapped me.