Win Contest in Dreams

Dreaming of winning a contest whether it is racing, swimming or fighting indicates your deep desires to win by expending all your focus and energy at competing. You will not only win, but success will follow your career and relationships. You create your own luck by being competitive.

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3 thoughts on “Win Contest in Dreams”

  1. I dreamed of challenging a popular man of God then after I went to check on my fish trap and I found out it has catch fishes and after taking out the fishes I found out that the net covering the trap was having hole it so I mend it an set it again
    Please help me understand

  2. I once had a dream about myself in a large dome full of people. Little did I know it is a Men’s beauty pageant. At the ending parts of the contest, one contestant fell unconscious. The people themselves chose me to replace him because I’m so charming and stuffs *wink* *wink*. I competed then I won first place!! Everyone was shouting and screaming, proud that I won. What does this mean please!

  3. i dreamed myself in a town (where i reside), there was a middle age african man administer forms of a competition/contest. There was a crowd of people but he on gave it to me, he than annoced i had won. End. Please help me out shalom.