Armadillo in Dreams

Dreaming about an armadillo is a sign of weakness and passivity. Your waking hours involve completing tasks that are handed to your rather than seeking new challenges. You feel better off alienating your friends, strangers, and all people than being proactively establishing relationships.

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5 thoughts on “Armadillo in Dreams”

  1. So I was dreaming I was with my 33 year old son when an Armadillo and it’s baby crossed our path. My son picked up the baby, but the mother stood on its head and like a drill began spinning into the ground. I understand the meaning of the Armadillo but the action in this dream was bizarre, as I watched her dig into the ground in my dream I said, “That’s how they get into the ground” as if it was a question I had been pondering for years?
    Any suggestions on the meaning.

  2. I had a dream I saw an armadillo that was sort of patched up like it was stitched together somewhat sloppy, sort of like the characters in the nightmare before Christmas. I started running when I saw it, so it started running too, chasing me. It caught up to me and started crawling up my body and it was horrific feeling. I just started screaming and only my husband heard and started running over to me but it was already in my hair and making a really distressing screeching sort of noise. Then I woke up.

  3. I dreamt that an armadillo came out of no where, during a disagreement I was having. When all of a sudden my dog runs up and grabs the armadillo by the neck and kills it. I tried to save the armadillo but I couldn’t.

  4. I dreamt of an black and red eyed armadillo that appeared evil as I was staring at it I felt like I was almost having a panic attack but soon after I had that overwhelming feeling(s) upon me I realized that I don’t need this so I just looked away and got up from a chair I was sitting on.

  5. I dreamed that a friend of mine handed me a sick Armadillo and asked me to take care of it. I searched high and low for help but could not get any assistance.