Badger in Dreams

Dreaming of a badger represents your tenacious natural on following through with projects that you have a vested interest. You continue to attack the problems head-on and not budging to any obstacle. Your enemies and opponents fear meeting you at battle because they know that your stubborness is a positive trait that overwhelms them.

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22 thoughts on “Badger in Dreams”

  1. I dreamt of a badger last night and he was trying to get into the yard but I kept scaring it away. I went into the back yard and it made its way there. I grabbed a crewbar and tried to scare it off, I came at me right by the dog right to me , I managed to hold it off with the bar. I then put the bar into his mouth but I could feel his teeth biting my thumb. It was lying on its back, so stepped onto his chest with all my weight, I managed to kill him,

  2. I dreamed that a Badger was standing up on he back legs with a smile on his face inside of a tree log. Like the tree log was a protective skin. And we are standing there facing each other in a shallow dirt of pit with large eggs half buried in the soil all around the edge of the pit. The energy felt very good and comfortable. What dose that mean?

  3. I dreamed that I & some other person (seemed familiar but I didn’t recognize them).. were standing on the bank next to a swollen creek. It seemed like late spring & I was observing how lush & green the grass was where we were standing, how full & green the trees were that lined the creek bank. We were discussing how full & muddy the water was that was in the creek, when I spotted something grey swimming in it away from us upstream. When it climbed out on our side of the creek bank & shook off the water. I remember being in awe, & stating excitedly “that it was a badger!”
    It then looked up at me & came trotting/galloping by us running right in front of me. I remember being amazed at the rare interaction, & then I woke up.

  4. I was touring my old elementary and I was nearing a class. The class then shifted outside my house unexpectedly and we we’re washing pieces of wood then something nipped at our fingers. They started pouring the water out And I ran because I was scared to see what it was. When I saw it was a snail it turned to night time and as I began to run back to the group I turned to my right and there was a huge growling honey badger and I ran it ran after me. I slipped and fell. It got close enough to feel the heat radiating off its body. And that’s when I woke up.

  5. I had a dream that my dogs got out one of the dogs was apet that past away. So I jumped into a disel truck to get them I pulled over to get them and they came right up ready to jump in. But a Honey badger came and I was scared it would attack the dogs so I sent them home the badger started chewing the tire of the truck made it turn old and rusty. Then I drove home and these guys burryed themselves in the ground and only had their heads sticking put in the middle of the road. I ran one of the heads over cause I didn’t see it so I parked the truck in my driveway and ran down the street I was cring and praying to not let there be anyone in the dirt I ended up at a house the man under the dirt’s house I was praying and they had a big mound of dirt on the coffee table digging for him to make sure it wasn’t him then I woke up

  6. I had a dream that i was in a forest and i was standing on a log. i then saw what looked to be a squrril at first and then all of a sudden it jumped up and transformed into a honey badger. i then began to hold it with my hands and throw it away but it kept ojn coming back

    what does that mean?

  7. I’m not sure if it was a badger. But it looks like one except from the stripes on its head. He is purely black. In my dream, I was carrying him, his feet wrapped on my neck to prevent himself from falling, while I was talking with my mom about keeping it as a pet.

  8. i had this weird dream where i was in the car with my wife and this giant badger was on the road and it attacked the car by scraping up the side as we drove by. I was mad so i drove a a ways off and turned around and got up some speed to run him over. he was sprinting at the car head on. he was about the size of a small bear. when we slammed into him he went over the hood and the whole car. i really don’t know where he went. kind of confusing…

  9. In my dream I was late for class and consequently a very important project was due. In the hallway just outside of the class was a Badger that attacked and bit me. it then ran off with my project of rice cookies and ate them.

  10. I had the most strangest dream last night. I would be sleeping and wake up the next morning with what was called a honey badger lying in my yard. It would appear to be asleep until someone would walk towards the car. It would then awake, stare at the person, and then proceed to chase that person. Now some days it would be so nice while other days it would seem to be out to try and eat whomever came near him. Now Ive never heard of any kind of badger so how did I even know what it was in my dream?

    What does this mean?

  11. I had a dream that a Kangaroo was hoping across my road, almost got hit by a car, and then bounced up to my front window. When it got to my window, this animal jumped from its back and thru my window at me, (I originally thought it was a raccoon). I saw a picture of a honey badger and realized it was a honey badger. Now it did not attack me, I woke up after it jumped over my head. Any suggestions on what this might mean?

  12. what does this dream I had last night mean.

    I was in a desert,fighting an Irish talking badger named clive,he kept taunting me and then stabbed me with a sword ???

  13. I had a very long and detailed dream, but it basicalle boils down to this:
    I am in a nice beautiful forest, I see a badger, I’m scared of the badger because I remember having heard they can bite through your ankel.
    I try to avoid the badger, with no luck. So I try to look unthreatening instead, I end up on all fours, ass in the air with the badger having sex with me. Wich was fine, we became friends afterwards.
    We take a stroll through the forest, we meet another badger, bigger, older meaner and scarier. The first badger dissapears, so trying to avoid getting hurt I lie down, this time on my back and let the new and scary badger mount me. It was scary and I hurt my hand on his teeth, but it felt amazing, like really really effing amazingly good. When he was done he just left, and I tried to remove his sperm, which came away in a big gooey clump (it sorta hurt removing it).

    What the sh*t does this mean??? Please help me understand it.

  14. I had recently had a very elaborate dream where someone was acting maliciously to me and i had seen a steamy glass window with two circles and when i approached it fearfully (i didnt want the person to spot me) i began drawing out a badger with a prominent white line on its head and next to it a barn owl with a glowing white face and directly after i defeated the person amd woke up…. What could that mean?

    1. Oh and i had seen the owl previously in my dream, i had been being beaten and called out to it but it merely flew away…. Sorry if this sounds confusing… I just woke up from it and have everything that happened buzzing through my head :\

  15. I had a dream I was attacked by a ratel (didn’t know that ratels were badgers). But it was ferocious foaming at the mouth and seemed more interested in seeing me dead then having a meal. I knew it was pointless to try and attack back so I tried my best in defending myself even though I knew I was done for.

    Any idea what this means?

  16. I had the scariest, weirdest dream a while ago and I’ve been wondering what it means. The world was being taken over by talking badgers that wanted to kill all children. I am (somewhat) a kid. The parents let them, because if they defied them, they’d be eaten alive by maggots (And I have an intense fear of bugs). Me and my friend skateboarded across the street, late at night, to get on a bus. The bus was for kids that were running away. She got on, with no problem and after a while I dodged a badger that almost caught me and escaped. Did I mention that the reason the badgers started to talk was my fault? I found a badger and kept it in a cage as a pet (just until I found a safe place to release it) and it started talking after I fed it a piece of ham. Then it made an army and, well I told you this part already…
    So do you know what this might mean?

    1. Oh my gosh Crystal! I had a similar dream as a child, that badgers were taking over the world and we had to crawl into their holes to get away from them!

  17. I dreamt that a badger attaached itself to me at the front Paws firmly dug in to my waist..I remembered in my dream the story of how a badge bites till it breaks the bone so I retaliated by grasping it firmly around the throat and sqeezing it until it lost its breath released its hold..then I woke up in one bad sweat..
    Now why did I dream that?

  18. OK, So what does it mean that I was feeding a black badger with a white center stripe a single green grape which he (seemed like a he) grabbed from me with a black palm, his opposable thumb and palm lines clearly visible in the dream?

    1. When people read palm lines, the life line is usually the most noticeable. The badger in the dream is revealing to you that the things you are doing are helping to extend your life or someone’s life.

      If you are fighting an illness, the badger offers hope and letting you know to don’t give up.