Bear in Dreams

A bear is a powerful fearsome creature. By nature, it is not malicious and goes out of its way to cause trouble. Thus its association in your dream is a positive. It means a likely victory over your enemies. The bear’s power and strength is significant for overwhelming competition in pursuits of every kind.

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4 thoughts on “Bear in Dreams”

  1. i saw 2 bears both black, i watch them at a distance then i draw close to see them a little closer, and suddenly the big bear ran up to me and bit me. then i awoke.

  2. A bear was walking down the street like it was looking for someone. I was hiding from the bear and Continued to hide asking others of the whereabouts of the bear. Seems like I was the one really afraid of the bear. Never met the bear in the dream. Don’t remember anything else except I was somewhere close to my neighborhood from childhood.